Chasing the rainbow

By the time I got the phone out of my pocket, unlocked it and found the camera app, we had traveled far enough down the road that the brilliant rainbow that appeared out of nowhere on an otherwise sunny day had faded to almost nothing. All I have to show of the rainbow is aContinue reading “Chasing the rainbow”

Seventy summers gone by

I was born just after the vernal equinox in 1953, and while Summer and I were walking the land this morning, it occurred to me that I just finished my 70th summer, and Summer (the retriever) had just lived through her first complete summer, having been born one month into the summer of 2021. AsContinue reading “Seventy summers gone by”

And now, October

If you wait until Oct. 1 to turn on the furnace in these parts, you may be chilly for a few days. We held out until Sept. 28 this year — close enough. October is the month of brilliant colors, nature’s final fireworks display until the drab of bare trees and white and cold, whichContinue reading “And now, October”

The zen of a puppy’s paws

The pads on a young dog’s feet help you know that you’re dealing with a young dog. A puppy’s paws are soft and smooth, and she slides across a smooth floor. An older dog’s paws are rough after many years of running and playing and dancing across rough and ready ground. Dogs are important toContinue reading “The zen of a puppy’s paws”

Life and meaning

I hope to write something profound, or funny, or moving, or otherwise special, every time I sit down and touch the pen to paper. A person wants to believe their life has meant something. Of course our lives have meaning, because our life touches other people’s life life all the time. We choose whether it’sContinue reading “Life and meaning”

The Fable of Any Road

It’s a wind chime day, and it rained last night and looks to rain some more. The leaves are still green, mostly, and the Black-eyed Susans are still gathered, perhaps fading at the edges. Barely one week left in summer, or so says the calendar, but in this part of the world, summer can beContinue reading “The Fable of Any Road”

The Muse, Called Late For Dinner

The Muse smiled and said, “You have my number. Call me anytime, just don’t call me late for dinner. I hate to miss a meal.” And then she told me stories, and she showed me how to piece words together so that people cried, and learned, and found their spirits lifted. We journeyed to farawayContinue reading “The Muse, Called Late For Dinner”

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