9 Facts that prove Aliens have infested the Federal Government

It’s not so hard to believe, given everything going on in Washington, D.C., these days, that there are as many as nine facts that prove aliens from beyond space have infested the federal government.

A Choice Every Sunrise

Life goes on until it ends — and it does end. “What will I do with the time that’s left?” is the central question of a life, isn’t it? Will I act in fear? Will I be kind? Will I love my neighbor as myself? Will I come and go in peace? Will I giveContinue reading “A Choice Every Sunrise”

In praise of old dogs

If dog-years are one-seventh the length of people years, then Willow has reached 80, more or less. She walks and climbs stairs less certainly than before, as if she suffers the same aches and pains that my 60-something knees and back must contend with, and she looks and feels more fragile. When you have anContinue reading “In praise of old dogs”

Two ways to look at it all

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Or: Life’s a rollicking adventure filled with triumph and despair, thrills and chills, and in the end you leave the theater and say, “Wow, now that was a story.” May my work feed that second narrative as often and as much as I can muster.

Further realization

I’m still reeling a bit over my realization about the word realize. When you finalize something, you make it final. It wasn’t final to you before, that is to say, it wasn’t what you understood to be complete. When you realize something, you make it real. It wasn’t real before, that is to say, itContinue reading “Further realization”

A dog’s life

Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, stirs in her sleep, curled in a chair, her flag of a tail brushing her nose. Does she dream of running miles and miles, making friends with everyone she meets and eating everything that moves? Is she sad because she spends so much time in a house full of comfortableContinue reading “A dog’s life”

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