A next time sometime past time

The old man sits, head bent, eyes closed, in his familiar comfortable chair, pen poised above paper bound, blank and waiting. Suddenly his eyes drift open and his hand begins to scrawl across the page: “I remember this – this is how it was – this is why it is the way it is nowContinue reading “A next time sometime past time”

People want peace

There it was, in the middle of a writing exercise where the mentor said “number a page from 1 to 25 and write 25 sentences as fast as you can, beginning with the words “I wish …” In the middle of things like “I wish I exercised more” and “I wish I would finish myContinue reading “People want peace”

The WouldaShouldaCoulda pays a visit

Regrets? I’ve had a few, but then again … They’re right about how the things you didn’t try loom larger in your memory than the things you did — I would have treated some people better, and I would have spent more time thinking through certain things. The WouldaShouldaCoulda circled three times and settled intoContinue reading “The WouldaShouldaCoulda pays a visit”

The value of being real

“People want their wisdom in short bursts.” “People want their stories long and complicated.” People — people — people — what do YOU want? How do the wisdom generators and storytellers reach YOU? That’s the puzzle, and that’s the solution: You are not “people.” You are person. You have a name. You might enjoy theContinue reading “The value of being real”

You got to know when

Somewhere out there, someone laughed at what he was writing. Someone else rolled their eyes. As for him, he was just sleepy. And poverty came over him like a bandit, right on time. Some Time Later, he came back to the place, picked up the book, and read What Had Been Written. “Danged if IContinue reading “You got to know when”

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin? “What’s wrong with starting at the beginning?” It’s hard to say. Because what IS the beginning anyway? At what point was the story in a place where it all started? I suppose it depends on what “it all” is. It all is what it all is. It all means what itContinue reading “Where do I begin?”

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