Waiting to be found again

The books wait on the shelves. They came to the shelves, some on impulse, some on purpose, all because they called to me, looking interesting. Some I bought after a great ebook experience, to preserve the memory to sample again someday. Some are collections of memories (the comic-book compilations and other anthologies). Like the recordsContinue reading “Waiting to be found again”

More wisdom of Will Rogers

“The first thing a despot does is to stifle and throttle laughter. A dictator in this country would have a hard time with Rogers present.” — author Rupert Hughes, at Will Rogers’ funeral A handful of gems from the master: If a fellow doesn’t have a good time once in a while and get aContinue reading “More wisdom of Will Rogers”


Enough! Enough shouting in anger and indignation and oh so outrage. Enough, sez I. Enough woe is me I wish life were easier. Enough crying how dark it is out there. Enough, enough, enough. Yep, we’ve all heard enough angry partisans to last us a lifetime. I’ve heard enough indignant mutterings to know you’re indignant.Continue reading “Enough!”

The future becomes present becomes past

“We’re going to party like it’s 1999” was the answer to Final Jeopardy the other night — Prince’s song was released and hit the pop music charts in 1982, re-released and charted again 17 years later, and a third time 17 years after that. Of course the song was popular again in 1999, and thenContinue reading “The future becomes present becomes past”

We are all interested in the future

“We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.” — The Amazing Criswell, in Plan Nine From Outer Space Ed Wood’s most famous film is one of my guiltiest pleasures, and the opening monologue by The Amazing Criswell is one ofContinue reading “We are all interested in the future”

Brace yourselves in 90 days

Ready for an April snowcopalypse? When I was a cub reporter out in the woods, the radio station would get calls from two or three local farmers who liked to start out their day gabbing and kibbitzing with the radio kids. One of them — was it Ed Kastenschmidt or one of the other guys?Continue reading “Brace yourselves in 90 days”

These difficult times ain’t

We laughed at the sixth or seventh TV ad, all of them for different products or services, all of them nearly identical, and we haven’t stopped laughing. They start with a somber solo piano … and then the announcer says … “In these difficult times …” “We’ll get through this …” “… because we’re allContinue reading “These difficult times ain’t”

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