He traveled to the beat of a different drum

“I have no more than I did before, but now I’ve got all that I need, for I love you and I know you love me.” It was clear from the start that Mike Nesmith was the most talented of the Monkees. For one thing, he was a songwriter, not just a musician, and heContinue reading “He traveled to the beat of a different drum”

Looking forward to “West Side Story”

The first theater production I ever saw outside of school was a community theater production of “West Side Story” in my second-half-of-childhood hometown of Chester, New Jersey. I remember the first time I heard the song “Somewhere” sung from the stage’s balcony and echoing all through the old church. I thought it was the mostContinue reading “Looking forward to “West Side Story””

Old stuff is new again again

I just found out typewriters are cool again. There’s even a documentary called California Typewriter about preserving and using typewriters in contemporary life. So: Vinyl records, printed books, typewriters. Was I ahead of the curve when I purchased a couple of reel-to-reel tape recorders at the last picker sale? Are people escaping the digital, interwebbedContinue reading “Old stuff is new again again”

When there are no words

The wind chimes are playing their random melody so loudly I hear it clearly through the window, so it must be cold and windy this morning. I haven’t paid attention to them in a while, and it shows in the flaccid coolness in my heart. When I listen, when I actually hear them, the chimesContinue reading “When there are no words”

Listening: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

“I keep looking for a place to fit where I can speak my mind…” The mark of a great artist is that she puts words or images to a thought or feeling that is inside many people but hasn’t been expressed in a way that most of us will understand.  Brian Wilson is a greatContinue reading “Listening: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”

Listening at 78 revolutions per minute

Among my treasures is a 78 rpm record of “Wake Up Little Susie,” the Everly Brothers hit from 1957, on Cadence Records. I’ve seen 78s from as late as 1960 or 1963 offered on eBay (most notably early Beatles songs), but the prices go so high and my interest is mostly just curiosity, so I’veContinue reading “Listening at 78 revolutions per minute”

Listening: Monkees Live – The Mike & Micky Show

And he thought he heard the echoes of a penny whistle band And the laughter from a distant carousel And the brightly painted line of circus wagons in the sand Fading through the door into summer. I have been hearing Michael Nesmith singing “The Door Into Summer” in my head for days, ever since MonkeesContinue reading “Listening: Monkees Live – The Mike & Micky Show”