In the moment

I was singing a nonsense song I’d written, which had a line about a stream of consciousness, when I mis-sang the line and made it even more nonsensical. But then I had a further thought: What would a scream of consciousness be, if there was such a thing? And I realized it was the perfectContinue reading “In the moment”

The miracle of a deadline

If you have followed my blog, you probably have seen this black banner I occasionally have flashed this year in moments of shameless self-promotion. As the first day of autumn and the beginning of the fourth quarter began to approach, I started to sweat a little. I have made no secret of the fact thatContinue reading “The miracle of a deadline”

Shameless self-promotion

I have a morning routine after I turn on the computer. (I have a morning routine BEFORE I turn on the computer or the “smart” phone, and I find that I am most productive on those days that I wait longest before looking at a screen.) In addition to Dick Tracy and Luann, I haveContinue reading “Shameless self-promotion”

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