Morning routine

Red is out in the sun, coaxing plants to bloom their flowers and yield their veggies. I am here inside on my blue chair, coaxing words to form into pleasing patterns. We have settled into this routine, although I do feel guilt about not doing more to tame our land and spruce up the house.Continue reading “Morning routine”

The mysterious affair of the FRAP

Why, sometimes, does the sound of the 11-month-old barking randomly send a thrill of irritation up my spine, and sometimes it makes me laugh uncontrollably? Does she continue barking as an experiment to see which response is more real? The dogs are in a constant battle to, I think, determine who will be the alphaContinue reading “The mysterious affair of the FRAP”

The dog who wouldn’t come in

A social media friend — one of those friends from decades ago who now exists only as a name on the purple page — wrote Tuesday about advice she received: When a dog runs away from you, the best thing you can do is sit down in the yard. That’s because chasing the dog feelsContinue reading “The dog who wouldn’t come in”

Puppies and world leaders

There is more love in a puppy’s eyes than in any president’s. There is more trust in an old dog’s eyes than in those of any king, queen, prime minister or chancellor. There is more heart in a hound than in any sociopath who wants to be master. Yes, I trust my dog more thanContinue reading “Puppies and world leaders”

The only free dog on this train

When Summer the 9-month-old puppy goes outside, either she is tethered to a leash or the area where she roams is surrounded by fencing, for her protection. She loves foraging for sticks and leaves. We are still fearful because eight years ago her older sister, Dejah, needed emergency surgery at age 2 months because sheContinue reading “The only free dog on this train”

A walk and romp through spring

I took Summer on a lead around Willow’s Field, the big grassy area next to our home not far from the waters of Green Bay, and then unleashed her for some chasing of the orange disc around our fenced-in backyard. Our scrappy 9-month-old fought the leash at first — at one point I had toContinue reading “A walk and romp through spring”

A passing of the hug

I was telling a friend, who messaged me saying she was sorry she missed my birthday, that celebrating my birthday lost some of its luster now that it’s inextricably linked with the death of my beloved Willow The Best Dog There Was. While I was typing, Summer came up behind me on the love seatContinue reading “A passing of the hug”

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