Perspective and all

I was taking Summer for a walk in our front yard (That reminds me, after I write this I need to deal with picking up after Summer) and we watched the highway traffic pass, 100 feet or so up the hill and across the frontage road from our yard. A semi-truck emblazoned with a beerContinue reading “Perspective and all”

Summer the Kind

Summer the puppy loves to have something in her mouth. She is always gnawing on a bone or a doggie toy, and her first move upon going outside is to snag a brown leaf or a twig off the ground to carry about, like a stereotypical hayseed with a toothpick hanging out the side ofContinue reading “Summer the Kind”

Ancient pack names

Summer walks in as I write in my journal and lets me stroke her head for a few moments before circling and laying at my feet. I asked her, “Should we have lived with you for a while before naming you, instead of picking a name and finding a dog to fit it? Is yourContinue reading “Ancient pack names”

The puppy, freedom, and music

Summer bristles at limits, which makes her a dog after my own heart. The limits are our way of keeping her safe, but who are we to assume we know what’s good for her? Maybe she is capable of fending for herself. I see a similarity in the way government looks after us — asContinue reading “The puppy, freedom, and music”

The Power of the Dog

I’ve just finished the audiobook Olive, Mabel and Me by Andrew Cotter, the Scottish sportscaster whose labradors became international stars last year when he — well, just go to YouTube and search “Olive Mabel.” Yes, that Olive and Mabel. I’ve been spending the commute laughing and crying. Cotter delivers the audiobook with the wry humorContinue reading “The Power of the Dog”

How is this happening?

Here is a photo I took of our four and a half month old puppy, Summer, on Friday afternoon. Here is a photo I posted two months ago: Here is the first photo I took of her after we decided she was our pick of the litter: I thought my heart melted when we metContinue reading “How is this happening?”

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