Puppy portrait

This is Summer on Sunday, Sept. 19, as she completes her ninth week on this plane of existence. She has learned how to go down and up stairs and how to sneak-attack her big sister, Dejah Thoris, who can give as good as she gets. The carpet cleaner is still on hot standby, but atContinue reading “Puppy portrait”

The frustrations of puppyhood

“I’m BORED. There’s nothing to DO here,” the puppy whined. “Here’s a bone, chew on that for a while,” Mom said. “Been there, done that.” “Well, chase the cat around the house.” “She’s sleeping.” “OK. Where’s that ball?” “Balls are boring. I’m going to chew the door trim.” “No, you’re not.” “I’m going to eatContinue reading “The frustrations of puppyhood”

The first day of Summer

We brought Summer home on Saturday, 11 days before the first day of autumn. Summer, of course, is our new golden retriever puppy, who takes the place in our home that had been held by Willow The Best Dog There Was, whom I expect to mourn until I join her in the afterlife. (Does anyoneContinue reading “The first day of Summer”

Picking Summer

I look like I’m crying in the photo Red took just after we decided which one of the 10 golden retriever pups in the pile would be the one we would name Summer. It was an emotional moment, in fact, and at the moment of decision, all I could do was point at the littleContinue reading “Picking Summer”

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