shout joy

Great poets write of wastelands and despair, of the constant-dwelling angst that haunts their souls, say the scholars. Not I. I say joy — I say passion — I say love — The bursting boasting glee that dares to run where artists may plod — that cries fire and foul to the dark lords ofContinue reading “shout joy”

Family album

Full is my tenth book. I don’t know why, but somehow, now that I’m in double digits, I feel like I can really call myself an author now. It’s silly, really. I was always writing. I have always been authoring. And it’s not like I’m selling books like Steven King or even name-your-obscure-author-who-died-a-pauper. But ifContinue reading “Family album”


Gonna be hot today they say well heckit’s June it’s supposed to be hot sobring it on heat bring it on I hear some boob in Washingtongot a new idea to inflict on usand it’s about time somebody did somethingabout that it’s criminal just criminal good thing we have people watching outfor us you knowContinue reading “hot”

Awkward conversation with the muse

Come on universe, give me something. “How rude.” I guess I wasn’t very polite, addressing the muse like that. “Do you think so?” Yeah, sorry. I guess I’m a little impatient. “Listen, young man —” Thanks! But I don’t feel so young anymore. (The universe sighs.) Sorry. You were saying? “I said.” I don’t getContinue reading “Awkward conversation with the muse”

Trusting in the possibilities

The possibilities are endless. I look around my room and part of me is overwhelmed. How does it always get this messy? I’m like a kid who doesn’t know to put away his toys, leaving a pile of stuff everywhere I turn. It’s like that when I sit down to write some mornings. What couldContinue reading “Trusting in the possibilities”

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