Comparisons, and an update

One of my morning stops around the web is a particular writer whose work has helped me to the point where I consider him a mentor. When he writes about writing, I pay attention. More often than not, he just writes about what project(s) he’s currently working on. Some days it feels more or lessContinue reading “Comparisons, and an update”

I have and I haven’t

I haven’t updated the home page on my website in more than a year, so if you haven’t been reading this blog you couldn’t know that I released Gladness is Infectious or 24 flashes or updated A Little Volume of Secrets and Resistance to Civil Government and Letters to the Citizens of the United StatesContinue reading “I have and I haven’t”

Just. Show. Up.

It was one of those scattered mornings where day-job deadlines loomed and my mind rebelled against the idea of staying in one place and doing The Work first — you know, The Work, not the stuff that brings home the bacon but the other stuff, the stories and the blog posts and the magical musicContinue reading “Just. Show. Up.”

When the spigot turns

I can’t just turn the spigot and the words come pouring out into rockets, bells and poetry. I have to sit in an easy chair and THEN turn the spigot. I have to pick up a pen or turn on the computer and imagine a girl whose mother was an explorer of time and spaceContinue reading “When the spigot turns”

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