A brief conversation with Almighty God

The day began in clarity. “Good morning, world! Thank you for the rest,” he cried. “You know who I am; I know who I am. I’m glad we had this chat; let’s get down to business.” Harmonies poured from his soul — answers snapped to his fingers — his mind and body answered the call.Continue reading “A brief conversation with Almighty God”

An eternal question of poetics

Does it become a poem whenI     place     the     words     just     so  ? Does poetry dependupon spaces andreturns? I hear poetry in an autumn breeze even if I describe it in a short paragraph, taking up all of the space between the margins. Is itany lesspoetryfor the margins?

Buzz cries out to live

A few years back, not that long ago, I poured out about 10 chapters of a story that remains unfinished, which I have dubbed “The Girl, The Alien, and Me” on my list of unfinished projects that I still hope to finish someday. The story stalled after the death of a character named Buzz, aContinue reading “Buzz cries out to live”

Jackpot – based on a true story

The place was a dive. Old photographs of famous people who once ate there hung on the walls, but none of the pictures was newer than somewhere in the mid 1970s. Faded wallpaper was starting to peel at the seams. The place smelled somewhere between a campground latrine and the morning after a frat houseContinue reading “Jackpot – based on a true story”

The would-be wordsmith’s nightmare

He cracked his knuckles and started writing, and his curiosity was piqued by the character who appeared on the page before him. “Ya think I’m some circus animal who can just pop out of nowhere and do my tricks, don’t ya?” said the curious being. It was an amazing sight. The voice sounded like aContinue reading “The would-be wordsmith’s nightmare”

Reminders at my work station

“Small steps are great. But you gotta keep walking.” A guest on Joanna Penn’s “The Creative Penn” podcast said that some years ago, and I wrote it down and posted it above my writing station. I forgot to write down who said it, though. My bad. At the time I didn’t have a lot ofContinue reading “Reminders at my work station”

Seth Godin on how to keep blogging every day

It’s been about 1,000 days since Seth Godin posted a reflection called “This is post 7,000,” about his habit of posting in his blog every day without fail. In fact, if I counted right (and I only did a rough estimate), today is that 1,000th day. Post 8,000 actually took place a little while ago,Continue reading “Seth Godin on how to keep blogging every day”

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