From ether to planet

Here are the heroes of time immemorialLocked in the struggle that lasts for all time;Here are the questions and some of the answersWaiting for someone to call them by name,Here in the vault tucked away in Elysian,Here in the hearts of the beings named poets,Not asking, but asking, and serving as pagesTo carry the messageContinue reading “From ether to planet”

We are the writers

We write our pain. We write our joy. We write our anger. We write our fear. We write our peace. We write our love. Oh, how we write our love. We write to think. We write to feel. We write to understand. We write to comprehend. We write to figure it out and we writeContinue reading “We are the writers”

The room

(Originally posted Sept. 7, 2017) “Don’t think,” said the man with the white mane. “Just open the spigot and be surprised by what comes out.” And then he walked away. I wanted to cry out, “Don’t think? But I can’t stop thinking,” but I had no voice. So I stopped thinking. Suddenly a spot appearedContinue reading “The room”

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