I encounter my heroine, and she’s not happy

“There you are, Jeep!” I said to young Ms. Thompson the other day. “I haven’t heard from you for awhile.” “Oh, there YOU are,” she said back, seeming a little cross. “So you didn’t forget me after all.” “No, no, I think about you all the time. I stopped hearing your voice.” “Right. Me andContinue reading “I encounter my heroine, and she’s not happy”

Two characters in search of a story

Randy Rabbit sniffed at the ground. “Yum, bird seed,” he said. “My favorite.” “It’s a trap!” Saffron Starling called from above. “Why would there be a pile of seed in one place?” Randy considered this. “A trick of the wind?” “No! People! Humans!” From some distance away, a dog barked. Randy ate a few kernelsContinue reading “Two characters in search of a story”

a sky is full of reasons

I think a sky is full of reasons to look up. I think there is no end to up and stars go on forever. I think a world of possibilities is a lifetime. I think the more I think the less I see. I think looking up shows all the reasons to hope. I thinkContinue reading “a sky is full of reasons”

A next time sometime past time

The old man sits, head bent, eyes closed, in his familiar comfortable chair, pen poised above paper bound, blank and waiting. Suddenly his eyes drift open and his hand begins to scrawl across the page: “I remember this – this is how it was – this is why it is the way it is nowContinue reading “A next time sometime past time”

Don’t worry, be writing

“Writing doesn’t always have to know where it’s going … “And so, in order to be a good writer, I have to be willing to be a bad writer. I have to be willing to let my thoughts and images be as contradictory as the evening firing its fireworks outside my window. In other words,Continue reading “Don’t worry, be writing”

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