Random scene: Can’t trust those sleeping dogs

“Well, you know what they say,” he said. “Sleeping dogs lie.” She rolled her eyes. “That’s not what they say.” “I’m pretty sure it is.” “OK, fine,” she said. “So who’s the sleeping dog in this scenario?” “It’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?” “If it was obvious, I wouldn’t be asking.”

Rabbit hole revenge

“Hey! What the —” the rabbit said as I tumbled onto his head. “Sorry, bun,” I said. “How did I get here?” “I am so over people like you,” said the rabbit, his whiskers twitching. “You fall into my hole, eyes all glazed, rude as can be, land on my head or wake up myContinue reading “Rabbit hole revenge”

Just wait until you meet her

I do not expect this scene to appear in any of the books I’m writing about Jeep Thompson, but the moment sprang from a daydream about Jeep’s formative years. I hope it will pique your interest for that hopefully-inevitable time when you finally meet her. “Your daughter is reckless and disobedient,” the teacher said.  “Oh,Continue reading “Just wait until you meet her”

Fighting the impulse

“Hello, Muse, are you out there?” he asked, taking a deep breath and positioning his fingers to write. “How can I serve you today?” The fingers trembled a bit, but no words came. He looked up and saw the phone, sitting on a box on a book stand, the little electronic connection to the worldContinue reading “Fighting the impulse”

Ironic ain’t it

He took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing,” he said. “You got that right,” she said. “What?” “How long have I known you?” she said. “You always say, ‘Here goes nothing,’ and that’s what comes out. Nothing ever comes of it.” “Now, that’s just mean,” he said. “Not intentionally,” she said. “All I’m saying isContinue reading “Ironic ain’t it”

After the climax

“What now?” After what had just happened, the question — a quiet explosion from somewhere in the back — seemed out of place. Wasn’t that enough? Did something else have to come next? But it was a good question. Everything was going to be different now, and the difference would be profound. What now? WhatContinue reading “After the climax”

The Origin of Tom Twister

“OMG, OMG, OMG,” Ron McFarlane said as he saw the tornado crash across the highway directly at his pickup truck. So this was how he dies, too soon, too young. He wasn’t ready. The truck lifted off the ground and smashed brutally onto the pavement. McFarlane looked out the front of the truck sideways. TheContinue reading “The Origin of Tom Twister”

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