Myke Phoenix

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Paul Phillips just wanted to spend a nice night shopping with his girlfriend, but what he found inside that old antique shop changed his life. Now he was Myke Phoenix, superhero protector of Astor City, and lining up against the Forces of Evil in the World. Not even he knows how he inhabits the indestructible body of a long-dead warrior – all he knows is the fate of the city, the continent and perhaps the world depends on him.

He’s defeated his arch-nemesis once, but now she rises again, this time with body-borrowing aliens and fire-spitting giant spiders as allies. Along the way Myke gathers allies of his own – a former adversary and an ancient warrior’s daughter among them – but will they be enough to overcome a threat to Earth itself?!?

From the pulse-pounding origin story to the fateful attack from beyond space and history that changed Astor City forever, it’s all here. For the first time ever, you can have all 16 novelettes and two short stories in the Myke Phoenix canon collected in one edition. Here is the entire saga from the moment a mysterious spirit living in an unusual piece of pottery selects Paul Phillips, to the final showdown with the megalomaniacal talking dinosaur Deinonychus, with a new introduction by the author.