What do you need to do even when no one else cares?

What would you do if it was only you — you were all by yourself and no one was watching/reading/listening but you had to do it anyway?

That’s your passion.

Someone said that once: Your passion is what you would do even if nobody cared or paid attention.

Work on getting better at that thing, and people may start to notice.

But even if they don’t notice, you have to do it anyway, don’t you? It’s what you were meant to do — and your audience is out there somewhere.

So keep going. Keep getting better. Time will find you.

Choose your boss

I try not to write about politics anymore.

Once upon a time, I was a rabid Republican. That was when Republicans said things like “government should defend our shores and deliver the mail and otherwise stay out of our lives” and “In this present crisis, government isn’t the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Then I had a conversation with Andre Marrou, a libertarian running his quixotic campaign for president. Politicians all want to be your parent, he said: Democrats want to be your mother, and Republicans want to be your father, but make no mistake, they’re convinced they know what’s good for you better than you do. Essentially the major parties are two sides of the same Big Government/totalitarian coin.

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Reminders at my work station

“Small steps are great. But you gotta keep walking.”

A guest on Joanna Penn’s “The Creative Penn” podcast said that some years ago, and I wrote it down and posted it above my writing station. I forgot to write down who said it, though. My bad.

At the time I didn’t have a lot of free time to write for myself. The guest reminded me that it’s OK to write only a little at a time, but if I want to make progress, skipping a session or quitting altogether cannot be an option.

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Remember to play

A cup of coffee. A half-dozen Biscoff cookies to dunk, absorbing the liquid to create a sweet treat. A cat bounding onto the chair’s arm with an interested meow. This is how it starts.

The first day of school for kids is a symbolic new beginning for grownups, too. For those grownups who may have forgotten the importance of preserving your kid-ness, the first day of school is a reminder to get back in touch with that young person who has been hibernating in your bones.

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Seth Godin on how to keep blogging every day

It’s been about 1,000 days since Seth Godin posted a reflection called “This is post 7,000,” about his habit of posting in his blog every day without fail. In fact, if I counted right (and I only did a rough estimate), today is that 1,000th day. Post 8,000 actually took place a little while ago, since he occasionally posts more than once in a day.

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The muse, called late to dinner

He stared at the blank page and realized his mind was also blank. He started to turn to an earlier page, when he heard the voice.

“Don’t look back; just write something.”

“But I think I forgot to call the muse,” he responded.

“How do you do that, anyway? He-ere, Musey, Musey, Musey’?”

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Let it never be said …

Let it never be said that it never be said.

Let no thought be condemned to disappear because it was too much to bear.

Foul thoughts, bottled up, tend to fester and grow even more foul if not let out into the air and allowed to mingle with clearer and saner fare.

Am I advocating for unfettered ugly speech? No. I’m advocating for a conversation where the ugly can be met with beauty, or at least with anti-ugly. Free speech means you can say whatever you like, freely and honestly, but you have to be willing to allow a free and honest response.

Let sunshine cleanse the dark and chase it with healthy rebuke, rather than let the dark simmer and grow strong.

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