Refuse to be Afraid

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“When this wonderful little book by Warren Bluhm first dropped into my hands a decade ago, I thought it was important. Today, I think it’s particularly vital,” Wally Conger writes in the preface to the Tenth Anniversary Edition of Refuse to be Afraid.

As Bluhm writes:

“You are the boss of you. It’s your life; you have to live with the choices you make; make sure those choices are actually yours.

“The first step is controlling your fear. Not ‘Don’t be scared’ — Don’t let being scared stop you altogether. Question why you’re scared: Is someone trying to scare you, and why? Is it a rational concern that merits moving forward with caution? Are you frightened beyond reason, and if so, what’s a more reasonable course of action?

“But move forward. Act. Don’t be paralyzed by the fear.

“What I meant to say is:

“Refuse to be Afraid. Free yourself. Dream.”