About wpb

I live in Door County not far from the shores of Green Bay, Wisconsin, with golden retrievers Dejah Thoris Princess of Mars and Summer.

Willow The Best Dog There Was

I (1953-) was raised in New Jersey but fell in love at first sight with the blue skies of Wisconsin, where I have spent my entire adulthood, first in radio news, then as a reporter/editor of community newspapers, more recently incorporating creative writing, podcasting and book publishing into that mix.

In addition to being the mild-mannered editor of a local community paper and former owner-operator of a local independent online news site, I am the author of it’s going to be all right, Echoes of Freedom Past, Full, 24 flashes, Gladness is Infectious, How to Play a Blue Guitar, A Bridge at Crossroads, Refuse to be Afraid, the Myke Phoenix series of novelettes, A Scream of Consciousness, and the science-fiction novellas The Imaginary Bomb and The Imaginary Revolution.

And I publish the Roger Mifflin Collection, hardcover and ebook editions of vintage literature recommended by Christopher Morley via the proprietor of his Haunted Bookshop, as well as other fine and fun works in the public domain.

This website is the hub for all of it, including my daily blog, bursts of creativity intended to encourage, entertain, and/or enlighten.