The Story of the Cow, the Moose, and the Gnome on the Shelf


“Cow?” said the gnome.
“What cow?” said the moose.
“That cow,” said the storyman.
“Moo,” said the cow.

“What was that?” said the gnome.
“It sounded like a cow,” said the moose.
“Yes, yes, it was,” said the storyman.
“I’m on the shelf above you,” said the cow.

“There’s a shelf above us?” said the gnome.
“Is it like the shelf below us that we can see?” said the moose.
“Almost exactly, only different,” said the storyman.
“We could be friends, I think,” said the cow.

“No doubt,” said the gnome.
“But we can’t see her,” said the moose.
“Easily fixed,” said the storyman.
“Moo,” said the cow.

The storyman plucked the cow from the top shelf and placed her on the middle shelf next to the astonished gnome and the astonished moose, and they became fast friends and stayed that way forever and a day, and after that another day, and after ever on.

cow moose gnome

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