Greetings, people of the future

We are all living in the future — in uncharted territory. We are charting it now. Good morning, fellow cartographers. What will we find around this corner, over this next horizon? Isn’t this exciting? Today we will go somewhere we’ve never been before. This day has never happened until now. What will we find here?Continue reading “Greetings, people of the future”

It’s still your game

After I spent some time yesterday musing about the relationship between work and play and concluding that “the play must go on,” that we should consider bringing the same enthusiastic approach to our work as to our play, the artificial intelligence at Facebook reminded me that I had written something along the same lines threeContinue reading “It’s still your game”

Almost Fully Launched

OK, so this is the day the “pre-order” phase ends and people can launch the print-on-demand process immediately when you order my new book, Full, from your favorite book store. Someday, no doubt, books will be printed on the same day they’re demanded, but I think the existing tech is pretty awesome in itself. SinceContinue reading “Almost Fully Launched”