The end of journalism as I knew it

All my life as a journalist, I have tried to write in a way that was fair to all sides of an issue and masked whatever my personal opinion was, because the idea was to present the facts of a story accurately. This is the authentic beginning of a news story that cleared the AssociatedContinue reading “The end of journalism as I knew it”

The frustrations of puppyhood

“I’m BORED. There’s nothing to DO here,” the puppy whined. “Here’s a bone, chew on that for a while,” Mom said. “Been there, done that.” “Well, chase the cat around the house.” “She’s sleeping.” “OK. Where’s that ball?” “Balls are boring. I’m going to chew the door trim.” “No, you’re not.” “I’m going to eatContinue reading “The frustrations of puppyhood”

Wisdom from Roseanne Cash

I’m an occasional listener to the Tent Show Podcast, which plays excerpts from the Big Top Chautauqua concerts that happen every summer under a big tent on a hill not far from the shores of Lake Superior in Bayfield, Wisconsin. My podcatcher told me Roseanne Cash was up next. Now, I’m a big Roseanne CashContinue reading “Wisdom from Roseanne Cash”

High crimes and misdemeanors

I wrote this a decade ago at the conclusion of a little essay called “We’re all gonna die” (page 31): “Refuse to be afraid. Resist the impulse to yield to the fear and let someone strip your liberty in the name of security and protection. Live like you were dying – because you are dying,Continue reading “High crimes and misdemeanors”