Sturgeon’s Famous Ninety

I came down to the basement shortly before midnight and resolved to write a prose poem, or a song, or a poem-poem, or prose that sounded like them all at once. But the rhythm wouldn’t come, wouldn’t come, and wouldn’t come some more. I turned the page and started over, trying not to rhyme, justContinue reading “Sturgeon’s Famous Ninety”

Here’s to the Long Shots

When I was in eighth grade, I was obsessed with Top 40 radio. I followed the record charts like sports fans follow the standings, picking my favorite teams and seeing how they fared in the competition to have the most popular song. I listened to the weekly countdown shows and wrote down the surveys ofContinue reading “Here’s to the Long Shots”

panem et circenses

I heard sensible advice today: “Use technology and try to avoid letting technology use you.” I thought about it while playing a mindless video game for longer than I’d care to admit, binge-watching several episodes of a TV series, and letting my mind go blank doom scrolling. I have quite a few thoughts on theContinue reading “panem et circenses”

Pep talk

Enough with the woe-is-me not-Monday-again pity party. What a weekend that was, to rest and recharge and cheer on the team, and now here’s Monday waiting for you to take it on. Your mission is to stare Monday in the eye and say, “Show me what you’ve got,” and when it hits you with allContinue reading “Pep talk”

Seventy summers gone by

I was born just after the vernal equinox in 1953, and while Summer and I were walking the land this morning, it occurred to me that I just finished my 70th summer, and Summer (the retriever) had just lived through her first complete summer, having been born one month into the summer of 2021. AsContinue reading “Seventy summers gone by”

And now, October

If you wait until Oct. 1 to turn on the furnace in these parts, you may be chilly for a few days. We held out until Sept. 28 this year — close enough. October is the month of brilliant colors, nature’s final fireworks display until the drab of bare trees and white and cold, whichContinue reading “And now, October”

Any way the wind blows

I have been possessed by an earworm for the better part of a week, perhaps more. There I will be, merrily typing along or picking apples from the trees in the front yard for Red to bake into pies or applesauce or any number of culinary delights, and all of a sudden I will humContinue reading “Any way the wind blows”

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