Change the broadcast, not the game

The best part of baseball always was that it moves at its own pace. All the other major sports were a battle against the clock — who can score the most points in an hour, or 48 minutes, or 90 minutes, or 40 minutes — but not baseball. If you can avoid making the thirdContinue reading “Change the broadcast, not the game”

Robot without a clue (opening lines)

Gigo was a robot, to begin with. Let there be no mistake beyond thinking it was anything but. And I mean no disrespect by calling Gigo an “it.” I only mean to clarify that using “he” or “she” or “they” would imply that it was more human than he really was — and look atContinue reading “Robot without a clue (opening lines)”

Mining me

Somewhere in here is a trove of stories about seekers of truth, and travelers through time and space, and dinosaurs, and sentient robots, and robots without a clue, and puppies whose only superpower is love, and all of it itching to be told.  Somewhere in here is a determined storyteller who yearns to sit downContinue reading “Mining me”

Ten first lines

I’m still on the Bradbury theme from the other day, “You have to inject yourself with a little fantasy every day in order not to die of reality.”  So I decided Sunday I would would do a journal exercise of 10 opening lines to potential short stories. Which one should I do first? (The firstContinue reading “Ten first lines”

A surprise winter redux

The weather forecasters were fooled by Ma Nature this time. A snowfall that was supposed to bypass us or leave a dusting morphed within a couple of hours into a winter storm warning. There were six inches on the back deck when I took this picture, and that doubled by the time the snow movedContinue reading “A surprise winter redux”


I never noticed before how much a dragon resembles a giraffe. The long snout, the snaky neck — the only difference is that one has cute fuzzy markings and the other is scaly and reptilian. Oh, and the wings. As I said last night, the dragon in our backyard is friendly enough. Dejah and SummerContinue reading “Vigil”

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