Seasons turn

The dogs and I were out back when a great honking came from down by the bay. Our 3.33 acres are divided in three parts — up here where the house and field are and we spend most of our time, a woods we visit sometimes that slopes downward toward the water, and finally aContinue reading “Seasons turn”

The Thanksgiving Pencil

The new desk has about 3,523 little drawers, so I saw an opportunity to organize some of the stuff that has traditionally been out in the open in my home office, like the cup holder full of old pencils, or scattered about in various places, like the 50,000 paper clips. As I stocked the pencilContinue reading “The Thanksgiving Pencil”

I don’t believe in crappy first drafts

I heard that advice again, the one intended to reassure writers who feel blocked: “Just write. Don’t worry if it’s any good. It’s only a first draft.” It’s true that a person can get hung up on perfection to the point where the words won’t come, and they need to find a place where theyContinue reading “I don’t believe in crappy first drafts”

Finding calm in a forest of squirrels

It’s all squirrels. We race from topic to topic in a constant state of distraction. Begin to think about what it would take to achieve world peace, and — Squirrel! Try to understand how the economy works and — Squirrel! Sit. Sift. Listen. Somehow, find a way to hear the messages you need to hear,Continue reading “Finding calm in a forest of squirrels”

While the clocks tocked

The wind chimes outside the window protested melodiously as the November wind continued to crash them against each other. The white-haired bearded man pried open his laptop and started to type, as the clock on the left ticked on the backbeat of the clock on the right. “I should rage against this insane world andContinue reading “While the clocks tocked”

I bore even myself by whining about an old problem again

Saturday morning I sat down and made another list of the various writing projects I have started and left unfinished. When I reached nine, I rested my case — my case being that I continue to have an almost manic inability to finish writing projects. You may find that an odd statement from a guyContinue reading “I bore even myself by whining about an old problem again”

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