As in the instant

Sometimes I eye myself in the mirror and see my father looking back at me. Other times it’s one of my brothers. Silly, of course: It’s really me. But I see the family resemblance. I’m spending quite some time today thinking about the passage of time. Time doesn’t actually pass — it’s always now. WeContinue reading “As in the instant”

Metaphor in a pile of paper

I rotate my head around and up and down and to the left and to the right, grasping for the next topic and the next few words to write. My eyes come to rest on toy animals, books, the ashes of beloved pets, the gentle but firm snowfall outside, and a pile of paper onContinue reading “Metaphor in a pile of paper”

Fulfillment of the quest

Once upon a time a young man set off on a quest. He was full of hope and optimism and maybe just a touch of anxiety that he may not be up to the task. But he dove into the quest with enthusiasm and confidence and maybe just a touch of arrogance — he wasContinue reading “Fulfillment of the quest”

New Week’s Day

Ah, Monday. Oh dear, Monday. The poor misunderstood thing. So many people believe that they can’t trust that day. What if — just imagining here — What if we thought of Monday in the same way we think of New Year’s Day? Instead of beginning a new 365-day cycle with celebrations and resolutions and newContinue reading “New Week’s Day”

The best resolution

“Why yes, yes I know it’s the second half of January,” I posted with a photo of our Christmas tree surrounded by its reflection in the mirror and patio door. “What ever is your point?” One of our most cherished stories is about a man who, confronted with his failings and looming mortality, resolves toContinue reading “The best resolution”

The mind-boggling power of words and music

And here I go again, looking at the books and records lined up on the shelves and contemplating how many hours or days it would take to read all of the books and listen to all the waiting music. I think about how long it takes to craft a book and send it to market,Continue reading “The mind-boggling power of words and music”

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