The Gathering Hall Under the Garden After the End of Time

All the realities swirled around his brain as he dug in the garden removing weeds. The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la needed room to breathe, and the weeds were encroaching. Suddenly, after he pulled a weed he knew vaguely as a whimsy root, a vast hole opened and he tumbled down aContinue reading “The Gathering Hall Under the Garden After the End of Time”

Bring Me Back

“Bring me back,” he cried in his sleep. “Bring me back.” “Floyd, wake up,” said his groggy wife. “You’re talking in your sleep.” “Oh. What? Yeah,” Floyd said, as he responded to her entreaty and woke up. “Wow, that was so real.” “No, it wasn’t,” she said. “I saw. You were right here all along.”Continue reading “Bring Me Back”

Two mugs in a bar

Two mugs in a bar — kind of an old bar, somewhat clean, but you know how hard it is to get an old bar squeaky clean. Maybe they’re old friends, or maybe they just happen to be sitting within earshot of each other at this particular moment. The news is on TV, or maybeContinue reading “Two mugs in a bar”

The idiot

Two men were in the middle of the street, one standing, one in a vehicle. “You’re an idiot,” said one, standing. “Are you calling me an idiot?” said the other, sitting in the parked car. “You’re an idiot,” said the standing one from the middle of the street. “Are you calling me an idiot?” saidContinue reading “The idiot”

Fulfillment of the quest

Once upon a time a young man set off on a quest. He was full of hope and optimism and maybe just a touch of anxiety that he may not be up to the task. But he dove into the quest with enthusiasm and confidence and maybe just a touch of arrogance — he wasContinue reading “Fulfillment of the quest”

Bones of a story

Somewhere out there, a song was being played, children were dancing, and dogs were contentedly chewing on bones. Our hero was pensive. She had been planning and waiting, and waiting and planning, and waiting to plan, and planning to wait, and finally the wait was over. “Today, we act,” she told her small cadre ofContinue reading “Bones of a story”

Two cows on a shelf

The cows smiled as they surveyed all that they could survey. It was a cluttered panorama with papers and wires scattered everywhere but, paradoxically, books arranged in a certain order and movie posters neatly placed on the wall. “It’s as if he can’t make up his mind to be a cluttered mess or obsessive compulsive,”Continue reading “Two cows on a shelf”

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