Fulfillment of the quest

Once upon a time a young man set off on a quest. He was full of hope and optimism and maybe just a touch of anxiety that he may not be up to the task. But he dove into the quest with enthusiasm and confidence and maybe just a touch of arrogance — he wasContinue reading “Fulfillment of the quest”

Bones of a story

Somewhere out there, a song was being played, children were dancing, and dogs were contentedly chewing on bones. Our hero was pensive. She had been planning and waiting, and waiting and planning, and waiting to plan, and planning to wait, and finally the wait was over. “Today, we act,” she told her small cadre ofContinue reading “Bones of a story”

Two cows on a shelf

The cows smiled as they surveyed all that they could survey. It was a cluttered panorama with papers and wires scattered everywhere but, paradoxically, books arranged in a certain order and movie posters neatly placed on the wall. “It’s as if he can’t make up his mind to be a cluttered mess or obsessive compulsive,”Continue reading “Two cows on a shelf”

Late One Night Near A Pinball Machine Over A Glass Of Wine

“We are all a little crazy, don’t you think? And the fact that we do think is why we don’t jump out of the chair and run down the street shrieking, ‘You’re all crazy, but that’s OK because I am a little crazy, too, and it’s the only thing that keeps us sane!’ We needContinue reading “Late One Night Near A Pinball Machine Over A Glass Of Wine”

The Wings

Here is a little exercise I wrote a few years ago (Sept. 8, 2017), in which “I wrote anything until I found myself writing something.” It ended up in my little flash fiction chapbook, 24 flashes. The story begins as a conversation between me and Ray Bradbury, riffing on his wonderful writing advice, “Jump, andContinue reading “The Wings”

Bunny’s close call

There was a rabbit who lived in a thicket by the side of the road. He loved Ms. Carol’s flowers, but she did not return the love. She liked her flowers just fine the way they were, you see, but the rabbit loved to nibble on them because they were delicious. One day, the rabbitContinue reading “Bunny’s close call”

Fugue in Moose Minor

Overture “Do you see it? Do you see it yet? Do you see what I’m saying And how I’m saying it?” Prelude There is a place where it falls into place, where the tumblers tumble and the mysteries unlock, and all is plain to see. Come with me now, take my hand, and we’ll walkContinue reading “Fugue in Moose Minor”

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