Addicts to addicts, dust to dust

The formula for making “bingeworthy” TV is very similar to what they used to get kids coming back to the Saturday afternoon serials in the 1930s or ’40s. Back then Commander Cody, or whoever the star was, would be wrestling for control of a small plane, say. The episode would end with the plane crashingContinue reading “Addicts to addicts, dust to dust”

What should you tell your kids about your day job?

If you were one of the most famous musicians on the planet, how would you tell your kids about it? When I read Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography recently, I was struck by how reticent he was to make — not just a big deal but — any kind of deal about his day job with hisContinue reading “What should you tell your kids about your day job?”

On the best way to take care of the world

This meme caused a mild furor when I shared it on Facebook the other day. As memes go, it’s packed with an unusual amount of implied meaning. A professional journalist and former colleague took umbrage at the description of news as “a scripted drama.” But I have come to believe that “the news” really canContinue reading “On the best way to take care of the world”