Eagles fly like, well, eagles

I remember the first time I saw an eagle flying overhead at our retreat not far from the shores of Green Bay, a few years ago now. It was heart-stoppingly beautiful, that majestic bird fighting back against extinction and soaring along. Friday afternoon I sat down on the bench in Willow’s Field and looked upContinue reading “Eagles fly like, well, eagles”

The lesson of the splattered tater

I killed the potato. Killed it good. That potato was obliterated. In preparing for a concealed-carry class, we figured we should have a physical sense of how to handle a handgun, not just head knowledge, and a friend agreed to teach Red and me the basics before we took the class. As part of thatContinue reading “The lesson of the splattered tater”

Prognostico the Great predicts the future, circa 1969

In the year 2021 people will be able to go into a phone booth and make a telecall where you can see the other person on video. No — even better — phones will be so portable that you can make a video call from wherever you are — anyone can, not just Dick Tracy.Continue reading “Prognostico the Great predicts the future, circa 1969”