What does it mean

“What does this mean?” she asked, paging through page after page. “It’s a book, a journal of some sort,” mansplained her companion. “That’s obvious,” she said, rolling her eyes. “But what does it mean?” “It means he was arrogant enough to write down his thoughts and ideas for a posterity that doesn’t care one whit,”Continue reading “What does it mean”

Metaphor in a pile of paper

I rotate my head around and up and down and to the left and to the right, grasping for the next topic and the next few words to write. My eyes come to rest on toy animals, books, the ashes of beloved pets, the gentle but firm snowfall outside, and a pile of paper onContinue reading “Metaphor in a pile of paper”

The best resolution

“Why yes, yes I know it’s the second half of January,” I posted with a photo of our Christmas tree surrounded by its reflection in the mirror and patio door. “What ever is your point?” One of our most cherished stories is about a man who, confronted with his failings and looming mortality, resolves toContinue reading “The best resolution”

Too much too much

The images flashed at him, too many images, too many words, all at once, too many sounds, too many too many too many, his mind screamed, and the scream was another sound to go with the too many others. “Stop!” and he suddenly realized he had said it out loud. “Stop what?” she asked. “There’sContinue reading “Too much too much”

Superheroes to the rescue

It started with Greatman, who had a kind of purple costume and Spider-Man eyes on his mask. He could fly and he was super-strong, and he was the flagship hero of a line that also included the Fabulous Five, Brink the Atomic Man, Moss Boy (who later evolved into Moss Man), and some other superheroesContinue reading “Superheroes to the rescue”

Back from the abyss

The day I was first diagnosed with hypertension, I thought I might be having a heart attack. When the ER nurse took my blood pressure and it was 224/124, they said, “Yeah, you’d better come on in here and stay awhile.” They were pretty sure it was NOT a heart attack, but just in caseContinue reading “Back from the abyss”

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