The world of instant books

Last week I wrote a series of blog posts about my “rules for writing.” You guys seemed to like them, so I packaged them all together in a mini ebook. You remember: Show up every day. Have fun. Write what you love. Be silly sometimes. Don’t think. I’m not here to sell you on somethingContinue reading “The world of instant books”

In which I beat the odds

I had a great time Saturday night at OtherWorld Books and More in Sturgeon Bay, the first gig in my not-exactly-a-book-tour since publishing Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry earlier this summer. A rainstorm canceled the sidewalk sale at the last minute, but the folks at Park Place mini-mall had fun bringing the event indoors. MargaretContinue reading “In which I beat the odds”

Where angels dance

“Write only what you love, and love what you write,” Ray Bradbury wrote. What would be the point of writing words of hate, or words that don’t speak love, no, shout love? What would be the point of wasting any moment of life on the mean, the small, the spirit-breaking nastiness? Given a finite timeContinue reading “Where angels dance”

The affair of the fedora

The fedora had sat untouched at that jaunty angle for months. Did it miss my head? Was it forlorn and feeling forgotten? Would it ever move again? All of these thoughts would be rushing through its head, if it only had a head. But fedoras being fedoras, it needed someone else’s head to be complete.Continue reading “The affair of the fedora”