Home stretch of a good morning’s journaling

Here I am, slightly more than an hour after I sat down, starting on a 10th page of this Moleskine after so many days where I barely scratched out a sentence if I even picked up the pen. How do I recapture this level of productivity day to day? Could it all be as simpleContinue reading “Home stretch of a good morning’s journaling”

Lists pros and cons

I had an interesting exchange Friday after I posted yesterday’s post (“Joni’s foreground music”) to Facebook.  One of my closest we-should-be-friend-friends-not-just-Facebook-friends friends, Sam Kujava, responded, “I would say she is my favorite female musician but that is considered sexist now, right?” And added, “I cried happy and sad tears watching her perform here,” talking aboutContinue reading “Lists pros and cons”

W.B.’s Book Report: Steven Pressfield’s latest

Every so often Steven Pressfield puts together a little pep talk for creative folks. The first was The War of Art, which if you’ve never read then you can’t say you’re serious about the creative life. Sounds harsh, but there it is. When the new one arrives, I sit down and read the pep talkContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Steven Pressfield’s latest”

What’s up with the banner

A new effort to motivate my favorite procrastinator, the one I talk with in the mirror every morning: I have replaced my portrait, the one with the mysterious smile, with a blog banner (above) that features the warrior girl who appears on the cover of my near-legendary unfinished novel Jeep Thompson and The Lost PrinceContinue reading “What’s up with the banner”