Use all your time

Wow, that was something you just created — meme worthy at least, maybe something timeless. What else you got? It’s easy to look at what you’ve just written and say, “There! Done! Mission accomplished!” and go back to life. But there are still hours in the day, or at least minutes in the creative timeContinue reading “Use all your time”

But is it done

“Don’t add a line,” he said. “It’s perfect.” “But …” “Nope. Minimal, mysterious, I’m compelled.” “Shouldn’t I —?” “Nope. You said your piece. Now move on.” “But what did I say?” “That’s for your audience to decide.” “You think this will have an audience?” “Don’t worry about that yet.” “When should I worry?” “Actually? Never.Continue reading “But is it done”

Schedule a time to listen

The schedule is showing up every day. Ain’t that the truth? Show up willing to be a receptacle for the words calling you from out there, and you will hear them, sure as the breeze is bouncing those wind chimes around outside my window just now. The chimes are a constant metaphor for me, musicalContinue reading “Schedule a time to listen”