Carpe diem

The book I was reading when the new year began was Take Back Your Time by Christy Wright, who advocates a five-step process that can be described as time management only as a shorthand. “Life management” may be more precise but that sounds a little too grandiose and controlling. Anyway, the five steps are: DecideContinue reading “Carpe diem”

After the climax

“What now?” After what had just happened, the question — a quiet explosion from somewhere in the back — seemed out of place. Wasn’t that enough? Did something else have to come next? But it was a good question. Everything was going to be different now, and the difference would be profound. What now? WhatContinue reading “After the climax”

I think there’s more to the Think Method than thinking

Someone tried to diss the power of positive thinking again the other day. Oh, bother. You can’t think your way out of a jam, the commentator commentated. Having a realistic view of life is the only way to go, the writer said. When life sucks, you can’t de-suck it by thinking happy thoughts.  The moreContinue reading “I think there’s more to the Think Method than thinking”

Because we are alive

Facebook reminds me every year that this is what I wrote toward the end of 2016. It’s always a nice reminder because it is always true, in this year — when we lost John Madden, Desmond Tutu, Phil Spector, Hank Aaron, Christopher Plummer, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Nesmith, Lloyd Price, Jim Steinman, Charles Grodin, Ned Beatty,Continue reading “Because we are alive”