Random scribbling before dawn, Part II

Ten minutes. That’s all it took — a short burst of effort, a little bit of time — to write the blog post I put up Wednesday. That’s how 272-day writing streaks happen. “Can you meet this goal for this moment in time?” “Sure, I guess I can.” “Good. How about now? Can you doContinue reading “Random scribbling before dawn, Part II”

Random scribbling before dawn, Part I

I have nothing this morning, except a streak of 271 days, a habit that has become an expectation, and even if I am the only one in the world who expects it (notice I avoided the word “obligation”), it has become important, and that is progress. All of my life I have worked to meetContinue reading “Random scribbling before dawn, Part I”

To serve entropy or to build

Every morning there is a choice to be made between light and dark, life and death, sickness and health. Words heal and words destroy. This day, this minute, shall I heal or shall I destroy? The power is in this remarkable organ between my ears. The body cries inertia. The false death of sleep isContinue reading “To serve entropy or to build”

It’s going to be all right

(originally posted Feb. 6, 2017) It’s going to be all right. Everyone seems to be so agitated. Every day in the news and social media and everywhere we turn, someone is barking out another reason to be alarmed or horrified or, at least, offended. We live in ridiculous times. But it’s going to be allContinue reading “It’s going to be all right”

Your mission, should you decide to accept

Give yourself permission. Sing a song. Play a musical instrument. Write a poem. Paint a painting. Create a pot. Draw what you see, either in front of your nose or in your head. Move your hands. Move your body. Make something that didn’t exist until your hands started playing. Create. Make. Build. You are human.Continue reading “Your mission, should you decide to accept”