These difficult times ain’t

We laughed at the sixth or seventh TV ad, all of them for different products or services, all of them nearly identical, and we haven’t stopped laughing. They start with a somber solo piano … and then the announcer says … “In these difficult times …” “We’ll get through this …” “… because we’re allContinue reading “These difficult times ain’t”

A Little Volume of Secrets

A decade ago The Secret was all the rage, with its Law of Attraction that if you decide you want something hard enough, the universe will shift in ways to make it so. As I poked around I learned that this idea was not exactly new; in fact variations on the theme were being advancedContinue reading “A Little Volume of Secrets”

Free people seek the light, always

I wish I could remember where I saw it, and I wish I had written it down, or saved it, or printed it out, but I don’t and I didn’t so … You’ll just have to take my word for it. (You do remember when a person’s word was his/her bond, right?) Some time backContinue reading “Free people seek the light, always”

Beside herself with gladness

The first print-on-demand copy of the new book arrived yesterday, and it turned out nicely if I say so myself. I put this photo of Willow on social media with the caption, “Yeah, yeah, I’m on the cover. I’m sleeping here.” The book is 60 quick hits of encouragement, most of them first seen rightContinue reading “Beside herself with gladness”

14 points of wisdom and light

A guy from Louisiana named Stan Fletcher posted the following to a Facebook group called Country Folks the other day, and a lot of people are sharing it all over the place. I think you’ll see why. I happened to bump into these thoughts right after reading a particularly foolish political post that got myContinue reading “14 points of wisdom and light”