Momentary reflection

Say: What you have to say. Do: What you have to do. Pledge: What you have to pledge. In other words: Do what the moment requires. Every moment has its needs, after all. How do you know what needs to be done? Listen. Learn. Do. That’s as good a process, I imagine. Listen. Learn. Do.Continue reading “Momentary reflection”

Finding calm in a forest of squirrels

It’s all squirrels. We race from topic to topic in a constant state of distraction. Begin to think about what it would take to achieve world peace, and — Squirrel! Try to understand how the economy works and — Squirrel! Sit. Sift. Listen. Somehow, find a way to hear the messages you need to hear,Continue reading “Finding calm in a forest of squirrels”

Meet the new boss

Moms through the ages have advised their kids, if you can’t think of anything nice to say, just don’t say anything. I think of those moms lately when the political ads come on. And here we are, Election Day, and I can’t think of anything nice to say. I should stop there, shouldn’t I? MyContinue reading “Meet the new boss”

Truth and consequences

What do I have to say next? What should I say? “What should I say?” Now, there’s an interesting question fraught with assumptions. It suggests that, when I consider what to say next, I may have things that I “should” say as well as things that I “should not” say, and the trick is toContinue reading “Truth and consequences”

Love anyway

When weariness overtakes you And your fuse is short, Love anyway.   When the slap of reality hurts So bad you want to lash back, Love anyway.   When the loss is so deep You can’t see straight, Love anyway.   When you’re tempted to quit And go running away forever, Love anyway.   That’sContinue reading “Love anyway”

Pep talk

Enough with the woe-is-me not-Monday-again pity party. What a weekend that was, to rest and recharge and cheer on the team, and now here’s Monday waiting for you to take it on. Your mission is to stare Monday in the eye and say, “Show me what you’ve got,” and when it hits you with allContinue reading “Pep talk”

W.B.’s Book Report: How to Survive Dystopia (With Your Humanity Intact)

We entered a new dark age in 2020 when governments around the world closed down economies, restricting people’s business, pleasure and their very movements, citing the danger from a novel coronavirus not, it seems to have turned out, dramatically different from other viruses that had achieved pandemic status in recent years. The coordinated attack onContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: How to Survive Dystopia (With Your Humanity Intact)”

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