A cardinal on Whimsy Street

I have been reading a couple of books by Bob Goff, a whimsical fellow who holds office hours on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland, and I am aware that whimsy and I have become strangers of late. It’s not unrelated to my beloved, Red, moving into hospice care a month ago; it’s hard to beContinue reading “A cardinal on Whimsy Street”

And on the first day

One dog licked her back paw, the other chewed a bone. The washing machine whirred from the next room. It was the first day of the rest of his life. He scoffed under his breath. “Cliche much?” he muttered. But it was true. He had awakened very much aware of his mortality. His neck ached.Continue reading “And on the first day”

Fine smoke and grand mirrors

At some point you either succumb to hopelessness or you stamp your foot, shake your head and your booty, and cry, “Enough!” A person gets tired of felling tired and worn down by the various and sundry injustices of the world. Tyrants petty and large loom over the landscape wreaking sundry havoc, life in generalContinue reading “Fine smoke and grand mirrors”

Laugh hard, run fast, be kind

I am not a lifetime fan of Doctor Who — Matt Smith was chasing dinosaurs on a spaceship when it finally clicked — but of all the moments I have experienced in my limited experience, my favorite moment is Peter Capaldi’s last moments as the 12th doctor. “Never be cruel, never be cowardly, and neverContinue reading “Laugh hard, run fast, be kind”

7 things I’ve learned along the way 

Seven things I’ve learned along the way to posting 1,000 consecutive daily blog posts, of which, in case you were not counting, this is the 1,000th: 1. I can do it, one day at a time. 2. A person tends to repeat herself from time to time over 1,000 days, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. 3.Continue reading “7 things I’ve learned along the way “

You are a work of art

I walk down the long corridor between the hospital and the Cancer Center, where my darling Red has been transferred, turn a corner, and find an art gallery in the hallway. “You are a work of art,” says the first sign that greets the eye, and we are, aren’t we? Every day, every moment, weContinue reading “You are a work of art”

Zuzu’s petals

Sometimes just a phrase is all you need. For me, the other day, it was “Zuzu’s petals.” If you love It’s a Wonderful Life as I do, you know what I’m talking about. George Bailey’s little daughter is upset because some petals had fallen off the flower she brought home from school, and he pretendsContinue reading “Zuzu’s petals”

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