Pick the right sky

“Your dreams should be as big as the sky,” the weaver said. The boy looked up from the street corner, surrounded by skyscrapers. The girl looked up from the forest floor to see the canopy of trees, a patch of far-away blue peeking through the heavily leaved branches. “The sky isn’t very big,” the boyContinue reading “Pick the right sky”

I Berate Myself and Hear An Answer

“Fool!” I said to myself. “A quiet morning and the household asleep, and you browsed Facebook for 20 minutes — 20 minutes that could have produced a poem, an insight, an image, a story idea, or a solution.” “And now you’ve fretted and sulked for five minutes,” my self replied, “five minutes that could haveContinue reading “I Berate Myself and Hear An Answer”