Prognostico the Great predicts the future, circa 1969

In the year 2021 people will be able to go into a phone booth and make a telecall where you can see the other person on video. No — even better — phones will be so portable that you can make a video call from wherever you are — anyone can, not just Dick Tracy.Continue reading “Prognostico the Great predicts the future, circa 1969”

The good common sense of the Sabbath

“Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” Six days of work, and then rest. I encountered the article that Anne Helen Petersen used as the basis of her book Can’t Even: How Millennials became the Burnout Generation, and something about her descriptions of burnout sounded, well, a little like me. I am not a millennial.Continue reading “The good common sense of the Sabbath”

These difficult times ain’t

We laughed at the sixth or seventh TV ad, all of them for different products or services, all of them nearly identical, and we haven’t stopped laughing. They start with a somber solo piano … and then the announcer says … “In these difficult times …” “We’ll get through this …” “… because we’re allContinue reading “These difficult times ain’t”

Glad … for a good laugh

An unexpected laugh is always on time. I’ve been moving through Lucy Maud Montgomery’s delightful novels about Anne Shirley Cuthbert Blythe, starting with the best-known, Anne of Green Gables, and following our heroine as she grows to adulthood and now motherhood. I bought the eight-pack of paperback novels and a six-pack of audiobooks via AudibleContinue reading “Glad … for a good laugh”

Beside herself with gladness

The first print-on-demand copy of the new book arrived yesterday, and it turned out nicely if I say so myself. I put this photo of Willow on social media with the caption, “Yeah, yeah, I’m on the cover. I’m sleeping here.” The book is 60 quick hits of encouragement, most of them first seen rightContinue reading “Beside herself with gladness”