It’s a magical world

We live in a world filled with contraptions that would seem like magic to the folks of not long ago — but also magical devices FROM long ago that, preserved, continue to do magic. I’m looking at my 1941 Philco radio and my century-old records when I refer to the latter.  Here is a recordingContinue reading “It’s a magical world”

December: The darkest, brightest month

As someone who lives near a city famously associated with the phrase “frozen tundra,” I must confess that I am not a fan of winter, and cold December brings the beginning of winter, so it might seem like a hard sell. Among other things, however, December is the month when my parents were married, soContinue reading “December: The darkest, brightest month”

3 short blog posts or one long one

The wind chimes were a present from our dear friends who witnessed our at-last exchange of vows almost 20 years after we met. The chimes hung from the eaves outside my window in the old office and provided a tuneless melody that played during these musings for most of the last nearly six years now.Continue reading “3 short blog posts or one long one”

Getting a room

I got the paperback shelves up Friday, a row of Bradbury, a row of writing books — Pressfield and the like — my most cherished science fiction paperbacks, and a top shelf of classics. The office is coming into shape, but a bunch of stuff remains in boxes and may not be displayed in theContinue reading “Getting a room”

Seasons turn

The dogs and I were out back when a great honking came from down by the bay. Our 3.33 acres are divided in three parts — up here where the house and field are and we spend most of our time, a woods we visit sometimes that slopes downward toward the water, and finally aContinue reading “Seasons turn”

Journey Back to Circadia

Now isn’t this interesting? Well, it is to me, at least. In my quest to add something to this blog every day, my brain slowed to a trickle in recent days. Yeah, yeah, there was a lot of day-job stuff to do, and I’m still organizing my new home office, and yada yada yada —Continue reading “Journey Back to Circadia”

And so, create

So Dad would have been 99 years old today, if he hadn’t passed a few months before his 97th birthday. Where’s that “things that happened in 1923” card I bought him a couple of decades ago and never gave him? I saw it again recently while moving boxes from there to here. A few ofContinue reading “And so, create”

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