New Week’s Day

Ah, Monday. Oh dear, Monday. The poor misunderstood thing. So many people believe that they can’t trust that day. What if — just imagining here — What if we thought of Monday in the same way we think of New Year’s Day? Instead of beginning a new 365-day cycle with celebrations and resolutions and newContinue reading “New Week’s Day”

The best resolution

“Why yes, yes I know it’s the second half of January,” I posted with a photo of our Christmas tree surrounded by its reflection in the mirror and patio door. “What ever is your point?” One of our most cherished stories is about a man who, confronted with his failings and looming mortality, resolves toContinue reading “The best resolution”

Love and trust and puppies

Summer, our year-and-a-half-old golden retriever, is always nearby, it seems. Right now she is in repose, stretched out, her nose on one paw, the snout about 4 inches away from my left foot. I can hear her steady breathing, but she is not asleep. If I were to get up and move to a chairContinue reading “Love and trust and puppies”

The best friend and the little pal

Hey there, Summer-Sum-Sum. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you that I changed my Facebook profile picture yesterday, but you have no idea. It’s just that when Red — that’s what I call your mom on the blog — showed me the picture of us the other day, I could seeContinue reading “The best friend and the little pal”

A loss for words

Well, this has been an interesting couple of nights and days. Monday night Red and I were semi-paying attention to the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals when we were suddenly riveted by the human drama of medical personnel fighting for the life of Damar Hamlin, whose heart stopped on the football field. We felt forContinue reading “A loss for words”

The year the world became better

New Year’s Eve is when the optimists come out to play, with our resolutions and fresh goals and hopes and prayers. Maybe 1941 will be the year when nations stop rattling swords at each other and sue for peace. Maybe 1968 will be the year when people stop thinking skin color determines superiority or inferiority.Continue reading “The year the world became better”

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