Gator belongs to Dejah, and what that means

Dejah seems to love her new Gator, and it occurred to me that this is her first toy that is just for her. All of her previous toys had to be shared with her older sister, Willow, who could be very possessive when she decided any new toy actually was hers. All of those otherContinue reading “Gator belongs to Dejah, and what that means”

It’s going to be all right

(originally posted Feb. 6, 2017) It’s going to be all right. Everyone seems to be so agitated. Every day in the news and social media and everywhere we turn, someone is barking out another reason to be alarmed or horrified or, at least, offended. We live in ridiculous times. But it’s going to be allContinue reading “It’s going to be all right”

Eagles fly like, well, eagles

I remember the first time I saw an eagle flying overhead at our retreat not far from the shores of Green Bay, a few years ago now. It was heart-stoppingly beautiful, that majestic bird fighting back against extinction and soaring along. Friday afternoon I sat down on the bench in Willow’s Field and looked upContinue reading “Eagles fly like, well, eagles”