The mysterious affair of the FRAP

Why, sometimes, does the sound of the 11-month-old barking randomly send a thrill of irritation up my spine, and sometimes it makes me laugh uncontrollably? Does she continue barking as an experiment to see which response is more real? The dogs are in a constant battle to, I think, determine who will be the alphaContinue reading “The mysterious affair of the FRAP”

A random note of optimism

As I mentioned the other day, it seems I have had three main themes in recent years, best summarized as: Fanning the creative impulse in all of us, celebrating freedom in the face of tyranny’s encroachment, and encouraging optimism about the future. It’s probably because it’s another year of “the most important election in ourContinue reading “A random note of optimism”

The tenth suggestion

When I posted the link to Tuesday’s post on Facebook, I introduced it with, “Things I knew but didn’t always do.” Almost every regret I might have comes from forgetting one or more of these things. + Don’t go into debt. I still remember the stereo system I didn’t want to wait for. It wasContinue reading “The tenth suggestion”

Writing on the wall for an old friend

My beloved Kindle is about to be deprived of its direct access to the Amazon store, as the company begins to phase out its support of the venerable device. “While you can continue reading on your device, as of August 17, 2022, store functionality will no longer be available,” the email announcement said. “This changeContinue reading “Writing on the wall for an old friend”

A taking stock and looking forward

Hi there. My name is Warren Bluhm. By day I am editor and one of a handful of reporters for a small family of community newspapers. When away from that task, I have written and published four books of fiction and six collections of short essays from my blog, and I have published nine editionsContinue reading “A taking stock and looking forward”