It’s 8:15 in the morning. The sun is flashing off the snow and making everything even brighter. Across the living room Dejah is on her back in the love seat, her snout and front paws hanging over the side, back paws more or less pointing to the ceiling. Red is asleep on the recliner, andContinue reading “Cycles”

Marching into a new year

March was the first month I ever saw, although I had no idea what I was looking at. Of course it’s a month of transitions — that’s why they put the first day of spring there — but for we who were born in March, the sense of new beginnings is doubled. It’s a schizophrenicContinue reading “Marching into a new year”

Confessions of a former cat man

The Book of Face can be downright Orwellian when it wants to be, but strangely it does not throw personal reminiscences down the same memory hole as certain political and scientific facts. This week its “Memories” feature brought up a post I’d made in 2009, and it showed how things can change in 14 years.Continue reading “Confessions of a former cat man”

Literally cant

The fairie looked back at the horse and grinned. “You there, horse,” said the fairie. “Have you ever seen the like?” The horse gaped. “Nope, not in this lifetime,” said the horse. And if horses could smile, this horse would have. Words can’t describe the sight, so I can only describe their reaction. Both creaturesContinue reading “Literally cant”

Man and companion

“I get tired faster than I used to,” the old man said. “I remember looking at old guys and noticing how they walked, a step at a time, kind of stiff, like everything hurt at least just a little, and lately I’ve noticed myself walking like that.” “Well, you’re old now,” said his companion. “Really?Continue reading “Man and companion”

We dig out

I downplayed it the other day, but we did get the predicted big hairy snowfall the last couple of days, and I admit I’m a bit weary from hours of snow-blowing and shoveling. The official measurement was 15.8 inches at the county seat, about 25 miles north of us. Mother Nature wins this round. TheContinue reading “We dig out”

The goal of most sane humans

The laptop is in my lap, I am sitting in our love seat, and Summer has curled up next to me with her head against my hip, so I have to extend my right arm to manipulate the keys. It is much more comfortable to pull my arm down and pet her head and strokeContinue reading “The goal of most sane humans”

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