And so, create

So Dad would have been 99 years old today, if he hadn’t passed a few months before his 97th birthday. Where’s that “things that happened in 1923” card I bought him a couple of decades ago and never gave him? I saw it again recently while moving boxes from there to here. A few ofContinue reading “And so, create”

The riddle of the ages

Someday I’m going to die of some disease, or Someday I’m going to die in some accident, or Someday I’m going to die slowly, or Someday I’m going to die suddenly, or Someday I’m going to die when this ol’ body wears out, but Someday I’m going to die. That’s such a weird thought. AndContinue reading “The riddle of the ages”

Oh no, he’s writing about moving all his stuff again

This is the first journal entry in five (!) days, after a flurry of office-moving activity, and the first thing I’ve written at the new rolltop desk, a fine piece of furniture purchased for $6 at an online estate sale auction, 90 minutes after it reached its final (for now) resting place. It was theContinue reading “Oh no, he’s writing about moving all his stuff again”


November is a stark month. October comes in all green and glorious with a tinge around the edges. Then it flares into reds and yellows and golds, then browns, and then the leaves fall in a heap to reveal stark November. It’s cold and gray, and when the clouds clear away and the sun shinesContinue reading “Gales”

Something scary

Well, here it is, Halloween, the day of ghosts and goblins and zombies and vampires and all the scary stuff that goes bump in the night and raises the hair on your nape and generally sends the bejeebers screaming into the night. (Is that too awkward a variation of “scares the bejeebers out of you”?)Continue reading “Something scary”

Golden sunset

The sun was fixing to set, and the sky was closing in on what may or may not be a rainy night ahead, but before calling it a day altogether, the clouds parted and shone a spotlight on the trees across the way, which were flashing orange before tucking themselves away for a long winter’sContinue reading “Golden sunset”

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