Watch what you say

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” “You can’t say that.” “I just did.” “But it’s a trademark; you can’t say that.” “I’m not trying to promote my scary new movie about a space monster.” “Doesn’t matter; it’s copyrighted.” “Piffle.” “You’ll think differently when you hear from their lawyers.” “Oh, come on. It’s justContinue reading “Watch what you say”

Somewhere you feel free

Wildflowers by Tom Petty is my go-to album when I don’t know what I want to listen to. It’s like comfort food for the ears and heart. You belong among the wildflowersYou belong in a boat out at seaSail away, kill off the hoursYou belong somewhere you feel free The album has sentimental meaning forContinue reading “Somewhere you feel free”

In the Attic: I Picked You

Oh, man. There I was driving down Highway 41 with tears streaming, listening to the old Seekers song on the radio and hearing the lyrics in my heart for the first time. There is always someoneFor each of us, they sayAnd you’ll be my someoneForever and a dayI could search the whole world overUntil myContinue reading “In the Attic: I Picked You”

Listening: The Everly Brothers

The other day, while down a rabbit hole, I discovered that the Everly Brothers once recorded John Sebastian’s song “Stories We Could Tell” and not only named an album after it but recorded the album at John Sebastian’s house. This I had to hear, so — despite my resolution not to buy any more recordsContinue reading “Listening: The Everly Brothers”

Everything old is new again

One of the first books I read in 2023 was The Year of Less by Cait Flanders, which chronicles a year in which she put a moratorium on buying new stuff and, in the process, reduced the amount of stuff she owns by 70 percent. It got me to thinking about all my things. I’veContinue reading “Everything old is new again”

the return of w.p. bluhm

In my younger days I fancied myself a singer-songwriter. I banged out chords on a nylon-stringed guitar and, later, a 12-string guitar that I bought with $59 (or was it $79?) I scraped together from my first full-time job in the summer of 1975. Over the years, in part through the miracle of multi-tracking —Continue reading “the return of w.p. bluhm”

Searching for a new way

I am haunted from time to time by a song I have never completed — or perhaps the first two lines are the whole song — A sus 4 to A, A sus 4 to A  — “I am a-searching for a new way; The things I’ve done don’t seem enough …” I am fairlyContinue reading “Searching for a new way”

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