And just like that, because of the deadline

At 16 minutes to midnight, he still had no theme for the blog that was to go live in 17 minutes. That’s the beauty of a firm deadline: Something is going to ship. Theodore Sturgeon famously said that 90 percent of everything is crap. But the world of creative energy is full of brilliant workContinue reading “And just like that, because of the deadline”

Nobody really cares, but I do

Saturday, July 1, is scheduled to be the day I post something on this blog for the 700th day in a row. July 31 marks the ends of two years of consecutive daily blogging. So, of course, right on time, Resistance is starting to rear its ugly head. “Nobody really cares except you.” “All thoseContinue reading “Nobody really cares, but I do”

How to become Bruce

Listening to Bruce Springsteen read his autobiography Born to Run has, of course, gotten me listening to my Springsteen collection and thinking about how I’ve followed the guy ever since my old pal Ed told me about this amazing guy who played a concert at his college back in the early 1970s. The most powerfulContinue reading “How to become Bruce”

Journey across time, space and dodos

Once upon a time a princess and a dodo met in a mosh pit. Now, you may have thought I was clever by beginning my tale like that; I certainly applauded myself. First, by introducing a princess and a dodo, you thought perhaps that once upon a time was a very, very long time ago.Continue reading “Journey across time, space and dodos”