W.B.’s Book Report: The Echo Wife

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey tackles a lot of the questions raised by the idea of cloning — Is a clone human? If you could make a near-exact duplicate of a person, would you and should you? And oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Evelyn Caldwell isContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: The Echo Wife”

W.B.’s Book Report: The Shadow

When the library delivered the audiobook of The Shadow by James Patterson and Brian Sitts, I thought, uh oh, I don’t want this to be the precedent-setting 100th book I read this year. I’ll wait to finish Several small sentences about writing until after I listen to the widely panned reboot of the iconic 1930sContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: The Shadow”

It was a Wonderful Life before public domain changed

The story of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life is a heartwarming one that can’t be repeated, “thanks” to changes enacted in copyright law not long after its surge in popularity. You’ve probably heard the story: The film was a disappointment at the box office in 1946, and its copyright under the old law wasContinue reading “It was a Wonderful Life before public domain changed”

Another NaNoWriMo come and gone

I seem to be the antithesis of NaNoWriMo. During the month of November this year I contributed fewer than 500 words to the future of Jeep Thompson, heroine of my next (unless some bizarre inspiration strikes and I write something completely different from my in-progress) novel, working title Jeep Thompson and the Lost Prince ofContinue reading “Another NaNoWriMo come and gone”