I choose a book and explain the why

I have made the choice I promised to make 11 days ago. The book I will complete and send to the publisher this month is called It’s Going to Be All Right, and I plan to ship it to the printer by midweek. By this time next week, it ought to be available for pre-orderContinue reading “I choose a book and explain the why”

W.B.’s Book Report: Hell and Back

Craig Johnson’s 18th novel featuring Walt Longmire was released on Tuesday, and I made darn sure that it was ready and waiting in my Audible account so I could start listening on the one-hour commute to my day job. George Guidall, the wonderful narrator who has read to me all of the books, is backContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Hell and Back”

The archive

I know for certain now how long a half-century is, for I have lived more than that and remember. I know how long 30 seconds are — long enough to tell you what I have to sell, long enough to trash a reputation.  I could do the figures and find out how many 30-second intervalsContinue reading “The archive”

A Song to Sing

I gave my newest book the title Echoes of Freedom Past. It’s a book about reopening, reclaiming and restoring liberty in a post-lockdown world. As the second-guessing that every writer experiences trickles along, I wonder if I should have named it A Song to Sing, after one of the blog posts that linchpins its theme.Continue reading “A Song to Sing”

Small moves, Warry

I get frustrated. In 47 years in the local news business, I have written thousands and thousands of news stories. Many times I’ve been in the position of having to write breaking news in 15 minutes to get it on a noon newscast or typeset by press time. Today is the 750th consecutive day thatContinue reading “Small moves, Warry”

W.B.’s Book Report: Amusing Ourselves to Death

Can you believe I waited 38 years to read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman? I’ve heard about the book and had a feeling I should read it someday, but 38 years? Writing in 1984, Postman noted that the world at that time was not Orwellian as much as it recalled the vision AldousContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Amusing Ourselves to Death”

Writers read

Auston Kleon slapped me upside the head with his opening thought in an interview on the web page On Substack: “It was a great shock to me when I was younger and I realized that most great writers probably read five times as much as they write.” You have heard the adage, “Writers write.” ButContinue reading “Writers read”

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