The mind-boggling power of words and music

And here I go again, looking at the books and records lined up on the shelves and contemplating how many hours or days it would take to read all of the books and listen to all the waiting music. I think about how long it takes to craft a book and send it to market,Continue reading “The mind-boggling power of words and music”

Update at 900

Back in August 2020 I challenged myself to make sure I added something to this blog every day for three months, a 92-day commitment. Today is Day 900 of that challenge. This is my most successful attempt at a writing discipline ever. If I could translate that discipline to my efforts at fiction, I’d beContinue reading “Update at 900”

Everything old is new again

One of the first books I read in 2023 was The Year of Less by Cait Flanders, which chronicles a year in which she put a moratorium on buying new stuff and, in the process, reduced the amount of stuff she owns by 70 percent. It got me to thinking about all my things. I’veContinue reading “Everything old is new again”

W.B.’s sales report 2022

I looked through my sales reports for 2022 the other day, and I found good news and bad news. Because human nature, let’s look at the bad news first: Five of my 22 books did not sell a single copy last year, including Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry, which was my top seller in 2021,Continue reading “W.B.’s sales report 2022”

The fruits of 2022

Here’s what emerged from my little publishing endeavor during the year that’s coming to an end this week. In order of publication, they are: Song of the Serial Kisser: A Make Phoenix Adventure (ISBN 9781737349983), by Warren Bluhm. A new edition of the 2013 novelette in traditional paperback size. Published Jan. 6, 2022, it taughtContinue reading “The fruits of 2022”

W.B.’s Book Report: Air Monster

W.B.’s Book Report: Air Monster My next book publication has been, um, flying under the radar, and now it’s on sale starting today. Air Monster by Edwin Green entered my life seven or eight years ago when I found a beat-up copy of this 1932 “boy’s novel” at an antique shop. How does a guyContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Air Monster”

W.B.’s Book Report: The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

Driving home the other day, I took my leave of the Crazy Rich Asians universe, the cast of characters Kevin Kwan created and carried through three novels — the sequels are China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. I have to say the resolution at the end of the third book is among my favoritesContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy”

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