With great power comes great responsibility

No, fellow fans, I’m not going to write about Spider-Man today, but I am going to come to the same conclusion that Uncle Ben did. Wednesday I banged out a blog post, as I often do, by copying from my journal and rearranging what I had penned onto the pages to form (hopefully) something moreContinue reading “With great power comes great responsibility”

Little messages in little bottles

UPS tracking says my proof of Full will arrive before 7 p.m. today, and unless I find some deal-breaking flaw inside, the book will be in print-on-demand next Tuesday, June 15. (Available for pre-order or as an ebook now! Buy! Buy! Buy!) I’m still a little amazed at the book publishing revolution, how an independentContinue reading “Little messages in little bottles”

Full is, well, full

I needed a few more hundred words on the subject of freedom to complete my next book of poems and aphorisms, Full, and that more than anything is why I assembled my thoughts into yesterday’s post, “The cost of freedom.” And so I have moved Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry into “production” mode, and youContinue reading “Full is, well, full”

3 brilliant books

Circumstances have put me in the car alone a lot more lately, and my preferred electronic companion on the highway is an audiobook. I’ve been choosing wisely of late. After a couple of compelling young adult series that nonetheless left me emptier than I wished (Renegades-Archenemies-Supernova by Marissa Meyer and Uglies-Pretties-Specials by Scott Westerfeld), IContinue reading “3 brilliant books”

With thanks to my first completed journal

The first journal I filled is two-thirds disjointed mess. I started it in late 2011 as a notebook for my story/novel ideas, and for the first 200 pages that’s more or less what it is, with ideas and passages that ended up in The Imaginary Revolution or the Myke Phoenix novelettes I dashed off inContinue reading “With thanks to my first completed journal”