The miracle of a deadline

If you have followed my blog, you probably have seen this black banner I occasionally have flashed this year in moments of shameless self-promotion. As the first day of autumn and the beginning of the fourth quarter began to approach, I started to sweat a little. I have made no secret of the fact thatContinue reading “The miracle of a deadline”

Does the author have to know whodunit?

I “read” the classic Hercule Poirot mystery Murder On the Orient Express audiobook this week during my commute to the day job. Poirot and David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series have been my light “reading” this summer. I had the advantage over Christie’s famous Belgian detective because I remembered the gist of the solution from memorableContinue reading “Does the author have to know whodunit?”

To have that conversation

“We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.” — B.F. Skinner … because reading is a peek into someone else’s mind, a spark for the imagination caused by a glimpse into someone else’s imagination, a tap into the wine of someone else’s insight, uninterrupted except by the pauses during which youContinue reading “To have that conversation”