How to handle an officious Self-Editor

Snooger, a snoggle, woke up to a blazing sun. Snoggle Swamp was hot and wet this morning, which was nothing new. After all, it was a swamp. (Uh oh — you didn’t hear this, dear reader, because you can’t hear what’s in my head, but the Self-Editor is also awake, trying to form the exactContinue reading “How to handle an officious Self-Editor”

Cluttered mind journals in cluttered room

(Stares at the blank page, then at the bitter cold view out the window — sunny, but treacherous — then up at the clock and at the Julia Cameron book left next to the other armchair instead of back up on the shelf where it belongs.) What is the problem with having “a place forContinue reading “Cluttered mind journals in cluttered room”

The value of being real

“People want their wisdom in short bursts.” “People want their stories long and complicated.” People — people — people — what do YOU want? How do the wisdom generators and storytellers reach YOU? That’s the puzzle, and that’s the solution: You are not “people.” You are person. You have a name. You might enjoy theContinue reading “The value of being real”

Morning pages are invented all over again

The other day I discovered my morning exercise has a name. Seth Godin made a passing reference to “morning pages” and I remembered him mentioning them before, and so I looked it up. It turns out morning pages is a phrase coined by a writing guru named Julia Cameron who suggested writing three pages ofContinue reading “Morning pages are invented all over again”

Freedom and the things of state

This is the final entry in my latest journal, covering mid-September to the end of January. It’s been a tumultuous fall and winter “out there.” The bolshevik revolution is in full swing, and who knows how much longer I’ll be able to write and speak my mind? At least as long as people manufacture booksContinue reading “Freedom and the things of state”