Fulfillment of the quest

Once upon a time a young man set off on a quest. He was full of hope and optimism and maybe just a touch of anxiety that he may not be up to the task. But he dove into the quest with enthusiasm and confidence and maybe just a touch of arrogance — he wasContinue reading “Fulfillment of the quest”

Just create

I should be writing the novel, not writing in this journal. I should be writing to share in the blog, not writing for myself. But wait — I am writing. And both those sentences began, “I should be writing.” In one of my favorite films, a dying man tells the hero, “I don’t care whatContinue reading “Just create”

Update at 900

Back in August 2020 I challenged myself to make sure I added something to this blog every day for three months, a 92-day commitment. Today is Day 900 of that challenge. This is my most successful attempt at a writing discipline ever. If I could translate that discipline to my efforts at fiction, I’d beContinue reading “Update at 900”

Everything old is new again

One of the first books I read in 2023 was The Year of Less by Cait Flanders, which chronicles a year in which she put a moratorium on buying new stuff and, in the process, reduced the amount of stuff she owns by 70 percent. It got me to thinking about all my things. I’veContinue reading “Everything old is new again”

Not writing nothing is a win

I don’t much feel like writing today, but here I go. It’s like they say about love — it’s a commitment, it’s a decision, and maybe you made that commitment in the heat of passion and glorious emotion, but sometimes you love just because you said that’s who you are. And so sometimes you writeContinue reading “Not writing nothing is a win”

The exhaustion of fullness

I looked this way and that, in hopes of seeing what to do next.There were things to do everywhere I looked,but none of them said “Do me first!”and all of them said “Do me first!”and I couldn’t choose. They all looked important; they all looked meaningless.And most of all, I was looking for meaning.Which couldContinue reading “The exhaustion of fullness”

The 2 imperatives for writing success

Oh, this is just infuriating. There I was, out in the back yard, and a thought occurred to me. “Oh, that’s an interesting thought, I could write about that,” I said to myself, but when I went back inside all I could remember is that I had had an interesting thought that could have beenContinue reading “The 2 imperatives for writing success”

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