“I quit,” someone said,and maybe it was me. Buta few minutes latersomeone went back to workand produced somethingFine. The quitting hadcleared the airand made wayfor trying fresh. “I quit” is not quitting;it’s pressing “reboot.”

Random scribbling before dawn, Part III

Why do I love Godzilla? And specifically, why is the first Godzilla movie (both Gojira, the magnificent Japanese cut, and Godzilla King of the Monsters, the American re-edit with Raymond Burr) one of my favorite films of all? I suppose it has something to do with fire and explosions and all those things that kidsContinue reading “Random scribbling before dawn, Part III”

Opening scene in a story to be named later

This is why I came: to see if what they were saying was actually true, that there was an alien being up a tree. And well, yes, yes it was. Perched on a branch was a vaguely human, vaguely insectoid little girl — it may have been a boy, but the long hairlike extensions fromContinue reading “Opening scene in a story to be named later”

Warm Breeze From Galatia

But of course, in this troubled crazy world,The solution is to be fruit-bearing,Fruit that is ripe and not reekingOf the rot and decay of the age orThe lust for instant gratification.Spirit lifters may take some time.Is is too much to ask for a modicum ofLove that reaches past angry words and feuds,Joy in the fullnessContinue reading “Warm Breeze From Galatia”

To serve entropy or to build

Every morning there is a choice to be made between light and dark, life and death, sickness and health. Words heal and words destroy. This day, this minute, shall I heal or shall I destroy? The power is in this remarkable organ between my ears. The body cries inertia. The false death of sleep isContinue reading “To serve entropy or to build”

With thanks to my first completed journal

The first journal I filled is two-thirds disjointed mess. I started it in late 2011 as a notebook for my story/novel ideas, and for the first 200 pages that’s more or less what it is, with ideas and passages that ended up in The Imaginary Revolution or the Myke Phoenix novelettes I dashed off inContinue reading “With thanks to my first completed journal”