The moose at the top of the bookshelf

There’s a moose at the top of my bookshelf,His antlers are touching the ceiling.He always looks warm with his sweater and scarfAnd he sees everything in the room.He never says a word, just surveys the sceneAnd reminds me to look to my whimsey.He doesn’t mind if my poems don’t rhymeAnd forgives when my words areContinue reading “The moose at the top of the bookshelf”

The affair of the fedora

The fedora had sat untouched at that jaunty angle for months. Did it miss my head? Was it forlorn and feeling forgotten? Would it ever move again? All of these thoughts would be rushing through its head, if it only had a head. But fedoras being fedoras, it needed someone else’s head to be complete.Continue reading “The affair of the fedora”

A point of perseverance

This is Day 358 of my “blog every day for 92 days” personal challenge. Barring an unforeseen catastrophe, next Saturday I’ll complete a full year of daily blogging for the first time in my decade and a half since discovering how easy it is to have a blog. Will I quit shortly afterward, like IContinue reading “A point of perseverance”