A whisper of peregrination

It has been a sedentary couple of weeks as I have fended off what I insist is a typical winter cold, mainly because I have never had the fever that heralds you-know-what. Perhaps I would be decried as Omicron Superspreader, supervillain extraordinaire, except that I have been working mostly from home and have kept toContinue reading “A whisper of peregrination”

The sleepers sleep

“So many people sleep through life, hardly aware of what’s happening around them,” said the skeptic. “Oh yeah?” his friend said. “What is it we’re missing?” “I didn’t mean you, necessarily,” the skeptic said. “Granted. I’m still curious. What are all the sleepers missing?” “The beauty of the sunshine. The worried look in their neighbor’sContinue reading “The sleepers sleep”

A vision of smoke and mirrors

I opened my eyes and saw a vast plain of people climbing over each other, scratching and clawing and seeking approval and validation, looking for love in all the wrong places, people talking without speaking and hearing without listening, a crowd lost in their loneliness, and a monolith in the middle that they struggled toContinue reading “A vision of smoke and mirrors”

Chapter 44 — Big Reveal

Layne splintered the door open and strode to the center of the lush office. Fitzsimmons, leaning back in his chair, raised his eyebrows slightly at the intrusion. “I’m taking you in,” the gumshoe snarled. “Can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out.” “I am innocent of any foolishness you believe,” the CEOContinue reading “Chapter 44 — Big Reveal”