Art for its sake

There was this seagull. It soared above it all, looking down on the rest of us, and we gaped in awe at the way it glided on the air currents when all the time it was scheming ways to take the food from our mouths. “It was a metaphor for the soaring political hacks thatContinue reading “Art for its sake”

While the clocks tocked

The wind chimes outside the window protested melodiously as the November wind continued to crash them against each other. The white-haired bearded man pried open his laptop and started to type, as the clock on the left ticked on the backbeat of the clock on the right. “I should rage against this insane world andContinue reading “While the clocks tocked”

A long, long time

“This isn’t the way I imagined it,” George Turner said, looking out the window at the blackness. “Are we even moving?” Yolanda Xenophilius looked at a computer screen. “Yep.” “There’s no way to tell for sure. Do you see any movement out there?” “George,” she said. “We’re still going 10,833 kilometers per hour. We’re stillContinue reading “A long, long time”

When It Began

The program ended, and they looked at the clock. “I must leave you now, love,” he said. “I’m off to write The Great American Something.” “Oh,” she said admiringly. “You’re off to write a novel?” “Perhaps. It will be Something, whatever it is. And Great. And American. Yes, indeed.” “I always knew you had itContinue reading “When It Began”

The king of random

He sat in the easy chair and spouted random scenes. “Mr. Random, yep, that’s me,” he said darkly but with an easy smile. “The story of my life will make no sense. It’ll be a new-wave, high-art concept piece, and years from now they’ll rave about what a pioneer I was. Yep. I can seeContinue reading “The king of random”

Stars, moon and a slow warming

She had been in this body for a little more than a year, and the colding time was starting to return. She had trained her human to take her outside, when she gave the signal, to let her deposit waste on the edges of their yard. He always attached a length of cord to herContinue reading “Stars, moon and a slow warming”

Moose call

Somewhere over my head, I heard the call of a moose. “Hey!” he called with a flourish. “Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.” I rolled my eyes. “That trick never works.” “This time for sure!” he cried. “Here’s the secret: Don’t think, just write.” “Oh, please,” I said. It was close toContinue reading “Moose call”

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