The affair of the fedora

The fedora had sat untouched at that jaunty angle for months. Did it miss my head? Was it forlorn and feeling forgotten? Would it ever move again? All of these thoughts would be rushing through its head, if it only had a head. But fedoras being fedoras, it needed someone else’s head to be complete.Continue reading “The affair of the fedora”

Opening to a short story set on a space station three-quarters of the way to the moon

The shuttle from Halfway Station was exactly on time, and he marveled at the precision needed to do that. A quarter of the distance between the Earth and the moon, measured in thousands of miles or kilometers or whatever, and the shuttle docked at 4:32 a.m. Greenwich Time, just as the schedule indicated. Only threeContinue reading “Opening to a short story set on a space station three-quarters of the way to the moon”

Pick the right sky

“Your dreams should be as big as the sky,” the weaver said. The boy looked up from the street corner, surrounded by skyscrapers. The girl looked up from the forest floor to see the canopy of trees, a patch of far-away blue peeking through the heavily leaved branches. “The sky isn’t very big,” the boyContinue reading “Pick the right sky”

Opening scene in a story to be named later

This is why I came: to see if what they were saying was actually true, that there was an alien being up a tree. And well, yes, yes it was. Perched on a branch was a vaguely human, vaguely insectoid little girl — it may have been a boy, but the long hairlike extensions fromContinue reading “Opening scene in a story to be named later”

Two characters in search of a story

Randy Rabbit sniffed at the ground. “Yum, bird seed,” he said. “My favorite.” “It’s a trap!” Saffron Starling called from above. “Why would there be a pile of seed in one place?” Randy considered this. “A trick of the wind?” “No! People! Humans!” From some distance away, a dog barked. Randy ate a few kernelsContinue reading “Two characters in search of a story”

Villainy and inevitability

Weary of defying and denying, he walked to the mountaintop podium and barked. “You’ll never win,” he shouted quietly. “You’ll never take my freedom. Between my temples and between your temples, we both know. I have resisted your lies and your false prophecies with all the strength I had. I am weary and exhausted, butContinue reading “Villainy and inevitability”