Plus 2

“Excuse me, nurse? I’m here with Patient THX 1140, and he seems to have taken leave of his senses.” “What makes you say that?” “Well, his senses are scattered here all over the floor, and there’s no sign of him.” “Hmmm. That IS concerning.” “Concerning what?” “It’s concerning, that’s all.” “Concerning what? Concerning Henry?” “No,Continue reading “Plus 2”

Robot without a clue (opening lines)

Gigo was a robot, to begin with. Let there be no mistake beyond thinking it was anything but. And I mean no disrespect by calling Gigo an “it.” I only mean to clarify that using “he” or “she” or “they” would imply that it was more human than he really was — and look atContinue reading “Robot without a clue (opening lines)”


I never noticed before how much a dragon resembles a giraffe. The long snout, the snaky neck — the only difference is that one has cute fuzzy markings and the other is scaly and reptilian. Oh, and the wings. As I said last night, the dragon in our backyard is friendly enough. Dejah and SummerContinue reading “Vigil”

From the North It Comes

“You have to inject yourself with a little fantasy every day in order not to die of reality.” — The Ray Bradbury Facebook page posted that quote Wednesday. So here I am at my desk, fixing to write the Great American Novel, working on a Great American Newspaper, generally doing Great American Work. I haveContinue reading “From the North It Comes”

Punch line

“Let’s just get on with it,” said the storyteller. “I’m game,” said the told. “Go ahead.” “Well,” the storyteller began, and then paused. “Very deep, very good,” the told said. “Is there more?” “You’re very impatient,” said the storyteller. “Oh, no, I’m very patient,” replied the told. “I have traveled far and wide, and IContinue reading “Punch line”

The idiot

Two men were in the middle of the street, one standing, one in a vehicle. “You’re an idiot,” said one, standing. “Are you calling me an idiot?” said the other, sitting in the parked car. “You’re an idiot,” said the standing one from the middle of the street. “Are you calling me an idiot?” saidContinue reading “The idiot”

Literally cant

The fairie looked back at the horse and grinned. “You there, horse,” said the fairie. “Have you ever seen the like?” The horse gaped. “Nope, not in this lifetime,” said the horse. And if horses could smile, this horse would have. Words can’t describe the sight, so I can only describe their reaction. Both creaturesContinue reading “Literally cant”

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