Two cows on a shelf

The cows smiled as they surveyed all that they could survey. It was a cluttered panorama with papers and wires scattered everywhere but, paradoxically, books arranged in a certain order and movie posters neatly placed on the wall. “It’s as if he can’t make up his mind to be a cluttered mess or obsessive compulsive,”Continue reading “Two cows on a shelf”

Late One Night Near A Pinball Machine Over A Glass Of Wine

“We are all a little crazy, don’t you think? And the fact that we do think is why we don’t jump out of the chair and run down the street shrieking, ‘You’re all crazy, but that’s OK because I am a little crazy, too, and it’s the only thing that keeps us sane!’ We needContinue reading “Late One Night Near A Pinball Machine Over A Glass Of Wine”

Flamingos from Another Dimension

And then every so often I have this urge to just write whatever wild story springs to mind about a pterosaur climbing out of the ocean and toppling skyscrapers and puny humans crying out for rescue. A heroic figure stands, arms akimbo, surveying the scene, and says, “I think I can do something about this.”Continue reading “Flamingos from Another Dimension”

The Wings

Here is a little exercise I wrote a few years ago (Sept. 8, 2017), in which “I wrote anything until I found myself writing something.” It ended up in my little flash fiction chapbook, 24 flashes. The story begins as a conversation between me and Ray Bradbury, riffing on his wonderful writing advice, “Jump, andContinue reading “The Wings”

The writers room

He took off his shirt, revealing tattoos scattered across his back in a not-artistic fashion, walked into the water up to his waist, and plunged in. Across the way houses nestled on the side of a hill. Docks and rip rap lined the shore. A pontoon boat waited, moored, ready to be pressed into serviceContinue reading “The writers room”

Waking dinosaurs

The microphone and the audio control panel sit on the credenza, waiting, gathering dust. He was going to do wondrous things with that equipment someday, tell stories and sing songs and create aural marvels to share with the world. He listens to the sounds of the house — the washing machine and refrigerator doing theirContinue reading “Waking dinosaurs”

Walk with me

The dog walked over and sat down next to the easy chair, looking up with the sad puppy-dog eyes that dogs have mastered since the beginning of time. “I’m bored,” her eyes seemed to say. “There’s nothing to do here. Is this all there is to life?” “You could read a book,” he said withContinue reading “Walk with me”

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