Bunny’s close call

There was a rabbit who lived in a thicket by the side of the road. He loved Ms. Carol’s flowers, but she did not return the love. She liked her flowers just fine the way they were, you see, but the rabbit loved to nibble on them because they were delicious. One day, the rabbitContinue reading “Bunny’s close call”

Trouble in Utopia

In the far-off future year of 2022, in a gleaming city of light, the council met to review its latest scientific goals. “We have conquered our demons and learned to live in peace,” The Leader said smugly. “The worst of our fearful diseases have been eradicated or at least arrested. Our explorers have established outpostsContinue reading “Trouble in Utopia”

For the next generation to discover

“This aging stuff is fascinating,” the aging man said to his companion. “It’s like I’m slowly melting. Everything is falling apart or congealing into a tub of goo, and my mind sees it all happening and is powerless to change the inevitable.” “You could exercise, lose weight, wrap your aching joints, take an aspirin,” hisContinue reading “For the next generation to discover”

Who killed the quick brown fox

The quick brown fox jumped. The lazy dog was having none of that. She snapped at the air and nipped the fox’s tail. “Hey!” said the fox. “That’s not the drill.” “It is now,” growled the dog. “You don’t understand. ‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.’ That’s tradition. That’s how it works.Continue reading “Who killed the quick brown fox”

A glimpse into nowhere

“In the town where I was born, an old brick hotel loomed over the downtown. A very long time ago it was a stagecoach stop, with a restaurant and rooms to let, but over the years someone whitewashed it and let it get ugly. Years after I moved away, a new owner sandblasted back toContinue reading “A glimpse into nowhere”

Random scene: Can’t trust those sleeping dogs

“Well, you know what they say,” he said. “Sleeping dogs lie.” She rolled her eyes. “That’s not what they say.” “I’m pretty sure it is.” “OK, fine,” she said. “So who’s the sleeping dog in this scenario?” “It’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?” “If it was obvious, I wouldn’t be asking.”

Rabbit hole revenge

“Hey! What the —” the rabbit said as I tumbled onto his head. “Sorry, bun,” I said. “How did I get here?” “I am so over people like you,” said the rabbit, his whiskers twitching. “You fall into my hole, eyes all glazed, rude as can be, land on my head or wake up myContinue reading “Rabbit hole revenge”

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