Man and companion

“I get tired faster than I used to,” the old man said. “I remember looking at old guys and noticing how they walked, a step at a time, kind of stiff, like everything hurt at least just a little, and lately I’ve noticed myself walking like that.” “Well, you’re old now,” said his companion. “Really?Continue reading “Man and companion”

The Princess and the Pie

Once upon a time there was this place. No one could reach the princess when she was there, so she went there often. It wasn’t that she didn’t love being a princess or serving her people; she just liked to be alone in her quiet place sometimes. It helped her think, it helped her rest,Continue reading “The Princess and the Pie”

The man who crossed Whimsy Avenue

A man was walking along, deep in thought, lost in worries about this and that and another thing, when suddenly he realized he had stumbled into a wonderland. Everything was bright colors and magic buses and this can’t be real, but it was real enough and whimsically nonsensical. “You there!” cried a friendly enough lookingContinue reading “The man who crossed Whimsy Avenue”

What does it mean

“What does this mean?” she asked, paging through page after page. “It’s a book, a journal of some sort,” mansplained her companion. “That’s obvious,” she said, rolling her eyes. “But what does it mean?” “It means he was arrogant enough to write down his thoughts and ideas for a posterity that doesn’t care one whit,”Continue reading “What does it mean”

she fingerpaints too

let me tell you friend i am not entirely sure i can get away with this but they say it’s arty to do everything in lower case and i maybe can get away with claiming some incoherent kind of something is high art. do ya know what i mean, huh? you know what i mean?Continue reading “she fingerpaints too”

Bones of a story

Somewhere out there, a song was being played, children were dancing, and dogs were contentedly chewing on bones. Our hero was pensive. She had been planning and waiting, and waiting and planning, and waiting to plan, and planning to wait, and finally the wait was over. “Today, we act,” she told her small cadre ofContinue reading “Bones of a story”

Art for its sake

There was this seagull. It soared above it all, looking down on the rest of us, and we gaped in awe at the way it glided on the air currents when all the time it was scheming ways to take the food from our mouths. “It was a metaphor for the soaring political hacks thatContinue reading “Art for its sake”

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