Love And Magic

Once upon a time, in a kingdom so magical it was called The Magic Kingdom — but that name was spoken only in whispers because of trademark issues — the magical king and the magical queen were having a tiff. Now, a tiff is a little more serious than a disagreement but less serious thanContinue reading “Love And Magic”

Ten first lines

I’m still on the Bradbury theme from the other day, “You have to inject yourself with a little fantasy every day in order not to die of reality.”  So I decided Sunday I would would do a journal exercise of 10 opening lines to potential short stories. Which one should I do first? (The firstContinue reading “Ten first lines”

This is what happened

The most powerful words in any language may be “Once upon a time” or “In the beginning …” The words arrest your attention at once: “Listen up! I have a story to tell, and it all starts here, whatever ‘it all’ may turn out to be.” It all began when … We never realized untilContinue reading “This is what happened”

Willow finds a home

Once upon a time, in the Land of Wisconsin, in the County of Door, a good noble dog we’ll call Goldie gave birth to six puppies. There was Willie and Walter, and WoWo and Wilma, and Wooster and Willow, and they were the sweetest golden puppies you ever did see. They played and they played,Continue reading “Willow finds a home”

Cliff’s Notes Novel

The journey was epic, but the Woodywacs finally made it from one place to another. The reason for the journey is lost to the ages. Were they leaving their ancestral home to find a new homeland, or were they returning home? No one knows. They just know that the epic journey was made and theContinue reading “Cliff’s Notes Novel”

It’s a secret project, OOoooooooHhhhhh

The other day I wrote about how I wish I could start a habit of writing fiction every day, and I tossed in an aside to the effect of “That gives me another idea, but I’m going to hold that in abeyance until the idea is more fully formed.” Today I am still not goingContinue reading “It’s a secret project, OOoooooooHhhhhh”

Random scribbling before dawn, Part III

Why do I love Godzilla? And specifically, why is the first Godzilla movie (both Gojira, the magnificent Japanese cut, and Godzilla King of the Monsters, the American re-edit with Raymond Burr) one of my favorite films of all? I suppose it has something to do with fire and explosions and all those things that kidsContinue reading “Random scribbling before dawn, Part III”

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