Plan Ten From Outer Space

He closed his eyes and covered his ears and took a nap, and when he woke the world had changed. First off, he was on the other side of the room. Secondly, someone was in his chair who wasn’t him, although they could be identical twins. “I’ve been replaced by a pod person!” he shouted,Continue reading “Plan Ten From Outer Space”

As Good As His Word

I could see them — Jeep and Blaine standing tall against Venusian villains. Adam and Joy unraveling the puzzle. Hank and “Stella” taking on the thieves of alien tech. I even could still see Devin Green realizing the truth about Krayatura. I could see them all. What dastardly villain inside me was preventing me fromContinue reading “As Good As His Word”

Jackpot – based on a true story

The place was a dive. Old photographs of famous people who once ate there hung on the walls, but none of the pictures was newer than somewhere in the mid 1970s. Faded wallpaper was starting to peel at the seams. The place smelled somewhere between a campground latrine and the morning after a frat houseContinue reading “Jackpot – based on a true story”

Prologue to The Monarchs

“Look at that big piece of driftwood,” she laughed. “It looks like a dead giant caterpillar washed ashore.” Grant Jenssen laughed, too, but then he took a second look. The wood was washed not quite white, more of a light tan, and the little stubs from broken branches could have been legs; the resemblance toContinue reading “Prologue to The Monarchs”

Chance encounter at a park bench

Winston looked both ways and behind him before he started to write. “I think the Marxists are about to topple the government. Either they will win the election, or they will take it forcefully afterward rather than concede defeat. The rioting is just the precursor, legitimizing their violence in the streets …” “Whatcha got there?”Continue reading “Chance encounter at a park bench”

The Newcomer: A brief morality play

He turned at the shout and eyed the new arrival, who stood in the dusty street brandishing a weapon. Onlookers scattered for cover as he assessed the scene, no discernible expression on his face. He sighed. “Violence is a last resort,” he said evenly to the newcomer. “I have no interest in hurting you. Now,Continue reading “The Newcomer: A brief morality play”

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