Chance encounter at a park bench

dreamstime_s_114805737 park bench © Liubovi Samoilova.jpg

Winston looked both ways and behind him before he started to write.

“I think the Marxists are about to topple the government. Either they will win the election, or they will take it forcefully afterward rather than concede defeat. The rioting is just the precursor, legitimizing their violence in the streets …”

“Whatcha got there?”

“Wha—” Winston jumped up from the park bench and stepped away from the stranger, who assessed him curiously. “Where did you come from?” Continue reading “Chance encounter at a park bench”

The Newcomer: A brief morality play

9 the newcomer © King Ho Yim.jpg

He turned at the shout and eyed the new arrival, who stood in the dusty street brandishing a weapon.

Onlookers scattered for cover as he assessed the scene, no discernible expression on his face. He sighed.

“Violence is a last resort,” he said evenly to the newcomer. “I have no interest in hurting you. Now, that said, you don’t want to push me to the last resort.”

Undeterred, the newcomer attempted violence. He parried. The newcomer tried from the other flank. He deflected. The newcomer hit him straight on; he shielded.

Now the newcomer had him by the throat with one hand and brought the killing weapon toward his chest. And so, he resorted to violence. Continue reading “The Newcomer: A brief morality play”