The Tales of November come calling

They call this National Novel Writing Month, and thousands of people will be sitting down over the next 30 days to chase a dream. If you are one of those thousands, remember: You can do this. You’ve always wanted to do this, and there’s no time like this time, when so many people are inContinue reading “The Tales of November come calling”

To a realistic and yet ambitious November

November is National Novel Writing Month, and traditionally folks use the month to challenge themselves to write a 50,000-word novel. But there’s more than one way to celebrate the month. I launched into the challenge in November 2019 and sailed along for about a week before the train derailed. It was glorious for a whileContinue reading “To a realistic and yet ambitious November”

The NaNoWriMo Lure

The heroine of his story looked over from her exile. “Now, boss? You want to hear the rest of the story now?” “Pretty soon,” he promised. “Pretty soon.” … or WAS it a promise? He’d been here before — trying to figure out his impulse to procrastinate, the fear of accomplishing the task, the certaintyContinue reading “The NaNoWriMo Lure”