Love anyway

When weariness overtakes you And your fuse is short, Love anyway.   When the slap of reality hurts So bad you want to lash back, Love anyway.   When the loss is so deep You can’t see straight, Love anyway.   When you’re tempted to quit And go running away forever, Love anyway.   That’sContinue reading “Love anyway”

And Now

Tomorrow is approaching — or is it? It’s always now, isn’t it? We plan for tomorrow — or fail to — and we comb over yesterday with fondness or regret, but meanwhile Now is in progress,  Now is happening, Now is all we have. It behooves us to pay attention now,  to look around now,Continue reading “And Now”

Fugue in Moose Minor

Overture “Do you see it? Do you see it yet? Do you see what I’m saying And how I’m saying it?” Prelude There is a place where it falls into place, where the tumblers tumble and the mysteries unlock, and all is plain to see. Come with me now, take my hand, and we’ll walkContinue reading “Fugue in Moose Minor”

The Consciousness Stream

There is a place where people go to find an answer to the questions that they ask over and over and every day, and sometimes they find what they are looking for, and sometimes they find they needed something entirely different and they just had to ask the wrong question to get the right answer,Continue reading “The Consciousness Stream”

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