On existence and the universe

I picked up a book called A Treasury of Favorite Poems somewhere along the way — it’s a big book with, oddly, no indication who selected or edited the poetry — and last weekend I read Stephen Crane’s “War is Kind,” which turned out to be not a single 15-page poem but most of anContinue reading “On existence and the universe”

The exhaustion of fullness

I looked this way and that, in hopes of seeing what to do next.There were things to do everywhere I looked,but none of them said “Do me first!”and all of them said “Do me first!”and I couldn’t choose. They all looked important; they all looked meaningless.And most of all, I was looking for meaning.Which couldContinue reading “The exhaustion of fullness”

Love anyway

When weariness overtakes you And your fuse is short, Love anyway.   When the slap of reality hurts So bad you want to lash back, Love anyway.   When the loss is so deep You can’t see straight, Love anyway.   When you’re tempted to quit And go running away forever, Love anyway.   That’sContinue reading “Love anyway”

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