That which governs the dance

My stream of consciousness, as it were, was dammed by the other side of the brain: “What are you writing?” “What are you trying to say?” “What does it mean?” “What madness will people think overcame you?” All these questions until the madness was crowded out. The Self-Editor or the Self-Censor, call it what IContinue reading “That which governs the dance”

I Berate Myself and Hear An Answer

“Fool!” I said to myself. “A quiet morning and the household asleep, and you browsed Facebook for 20 minutes — 20 minutes that could have produced a poem, an insight, an image, a story idea, or a solution.” “And now you’ve fretted and sulked for five minutes,” my self replied, “five minutes that could haveContinue reading “I Berate Myself and Hear An Answer”

Full is, well, full

I needed a few more hundred words on the subject of freedom to complete my next book of poems and aphorisms, Full, and that more than anything is why I assembled my thoughts into yesterday’s post, “The cost of freedom.” And so I have moved Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry into “production” mode, and youContinue reading “Full is, well, full”

Trusting in the possibilities

The possibilities are endless. I look around my room and part of me is overwhelmed. How does it always get this messy? I’m like a kid who doesn’t know to put away his toys, leaving a pile of stuff everywhere I turn. It’s like that when I sit down to write some mornings. What couldContinue reading “Trusting in the possibilities”