A lifting

He watched the phrases dance across the page. He heard the melodies. He felt the rhythms. He smelled fresh lilacs and tasted mint. And all the world burst forth from on the page. Tensions, pent up, eased. His shoulders relaxed, having never sensed their tightness. The cascading waterfall in his chest slowed to a trickle.Continue reading “A lifting”

As in the instant

Sometimes I eye myself in the mirror and see my father looking back at me. Other times it’s one of my brothers. Silly, of course: It’s really me. But I see the family resemblance. I’m spending quite some time today thinking about the passage of time. Time doesn’t actually pass — it’s always now. WeContinue reading “As in the instant”

The year the world became better

New Year’s Eve is when the optimists come out to play, with our resolutions and fresh goals and hopes and prayers. Maybe 1941 will be the year when nations stop rattling swords at each other and sue for peace. Maybe 1968 will be the year when people stop thinking skin color determines superiority or inferiority.Continue reading “The year the world became better”

A few ramblings about time and such

My body rebelled against me the other day. It … well, never mind the details. I had to lie down on the couch at the day job until my head cleared a bit, and I had to fight to stay awake driving home, and once home I peeled off my coat and collapsed into theContinue reading “A few ramblings about time and such”

Our 2016 Christmas Letter

Once upon a time there was a little girl growing up in a small country town in Wisconsin. She had a dad and a mom and a big brother. On Christmas Eve they would leave milk and cookies out for Santa Claus, and then Dad would pack the kids and the dog into the carContinue reading “Our 2016 Christmas Letter”

Momentary reflection

Say: What you have to say. Do: What you have to do. Pledge: What you have to pledge. In other words: Do what the moment requires. Every moment has its needs, after all. How do you know what needs to be done? Listen. Learn. Do. That’s as good a process, I imagine. Listen. Learn. Do.Continue reading “Momentary reflection”

Finding calm in a forest of squirrels

It’s all squirrels. We race from topic to topic in a constant state of distraction. Begin to think about what it would take to achieve world peace, and — Squirrel! Try to understand how the economy works and — Squirrel! Sit. Sift. Listen. Somehow, find a way to hear the messages you need to hear,Continue reading “Finding calm in a forest of squirrels”

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