For the next generation to discover

“This aging stuff is fascinating,” the aging man said to his companion. “It’s like I’m slowly melting. Everything is falling apart or congealing into a tub of goo, and my mind sees it all happening and is powerless to change the inevitable.” “You could exercise, lose weight, wrap your aching joints, take an aspirin,” hisContinue reading “For the next generation to discover”

The dog who wouldn’t come in

A social media friend — one of those friends from decades ago who now exists only as a name on the purple page — wrote Tuesday about advice she received: When a dog runs away from you, the best thing you can do is sit down in the yard. That’s because chasing the dog feelsContinue reading “The dog who wouldn’t come in”

A taking stock and looking forward

Hi there. My name is Warren Bluhm. By day I am editor and one of a handful of reporters for a small family of community newspapers. When away from that task, I have written and published four books of fiction and six collections of short essays from my blog, and I have published nine editionsContinue reading “A taking stock and looking forward”

A walk and romp through spring

I took Summer on a lead around Willow’s Field, the big grassy area next to our home not far from the waters of Green Bay, and then unleashed her for some chasing of the orange disc around our fenced-in backyard. Our scrappy 9-month-old fought the leash at first — at one point I had toContinue reading “A walk and romp through spring”

Every life is precious

If we teach kids that people are made in God’s image, each a unique individual to be treated with care and respect, then we teach them to be gentle and loving and caring. If we teach kids that people are squishy targets and it’s fun to blow them away, then we teach them something else.Continue reading “Every life is precious”

Carpe diem

The book I was reading when the new year began was Take Back Your Time by Christy Wright, who advocates a five-step process that can be described as time management only as a shorthand. “Life management” may be more precise but that sounds a little too grandiose and controlling. Anyway, the five steps are: DecideContinue reading “Carpe diem”