The madness on pages 210-211

So one morning, before I began writing on page 210, I proved to myself that my 240-page journal actually is 240 pages long, by numbering pages 211 to 240 once and for all. And I found myself with only 30 pages to fill before I complete a 20th journal. (Note to self: Almost time toContinue reading “The madness on pages 210-211”

Who is most to blame today

I woke up Monday morning with a completely random fragment of a song playing in my brain. “When the masquerade is played the neighbor folks make jokes at who is most to blame today.” Who is most to blame today — that’s the game nowadays, isn’t it? Who made this mess? No mirrors in theContinue reading “Who is most to blame today”

Zuzu’s petals

Sometimes just a phrase is all you need. For me, the other day, it was “Zuzu’s petals.” If you love It’s a Wonderful Life as I do, you know what I’m talking about. George Bailey’s little daughter is upset because some petals had fallen off the flower she brought home from school, and he pretendsContinue reading “Zuzu’s petals”

Double down on being human

The phrase jumped out at me as Joanna Penn talked about the leaps in artificial intelligence during her podcast about writing and book publishing, The Creative Penn. Penn, who writes thrillers as J.F. Penn and nonfiction as Joanna, is diving into the world of AI, using it as a tool as she develops her plotsContinue reading “Double down on being human”

but you don’t know what

“I want to write something but I don’t know what.” I was browsing Joanna Penn’s How to Write a Novel and found that line in a list of “common reasons writers quit.” I know that feeling. Very often it’s when I sit down to compose something for this web log. I made this commitment toContinue reading “but you don’t know what”

W.B. stages a book sale

The second edition of Echoes of Freedom Past, my book about reclaiming our liberty after the assaults of the last few years, goes live Tuesday, and to mark the occasion I’m having a little sale on my “trilogy” of books about the subject. Echoes is a collection drawn from this blog on the subject ofContinue reading “W.B. stages a book sale”

As in the instant

Sometimes I eye myself in the mirror and see my father looking back at me. Other times it’s one of my brothers. Silly, of course: It’s really me. But I see the family resemblance. I’m spending quite some time today thinking about the passage of time. Time doesn’t actually pass — it’s always now. WeContinue reading “As in the instant”

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