Wind chimes remind

It’s a windy day and the wind chimes are reminding me of the tuneless melody that has accompanied these scribbles for nigh on five years. Music is everywhere  if you know how to listen — if you remember to listen — there are rhythms in everything that is — the tick of the clocks —Continue reading “Wind chimes remind”

the duel

There are two of us here, we,The lump of flesh and thewhatjacallitsoul, consciousness, sentience and we battle it out daily.Something tells me the lump always winsbut lets the thinker rationalizewhatever it decides. Which is our better nature?The thinker thinks it’s himbut then he’s the onedoing the thinking. Maybe the fallacy isthat we are two ofContinue reading “the duel”


I am a gentle snowfalla breeze making me danceand a cool (not cold) nightby the water. Do the deer rustle in their sleepor is that a night prowlerforaging for odds and endsin the shadows? Too quiet for melancholyI cover last week’s snowwith a fresh coat of chilly paintwithout a sound. Not a stirring within orContinue reading “winter”

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