Storm, Part 2

“Get a real job, a**hole!” I told the scamman with the not-from-around-here accentwho woke us up from a midday napbut maybe this is his real joband he hung up on me becauseI obviously would not earn him any commissionAnd Not because I hurt his feelings.If I had to take a job calling peoplein other countriesContinue reading “Storm, Part 2”

The moose at the top of the bookshelf

There’s a moose at the top of my bookshelf,His antlers are touching the ceiling.He always looks warm with his sweater and scarfAnd he sees everything in the room.He never says a word, just surveys the sceneAnd reminds me to look to my whimsey.He doesn’t mind if my poems don’t rhymeAnd forgives when my words areContinue reading “The moose at the top of the bookshelf”

J Alfred in the foyer

WB’s note: There’s something odd about the WordPress editor that makes it laborious to add indentations and spaces between words, which in turn makes it hard to reproduce a poem that has uneven indents. So here are pictures of the pages. The main thing you should know is that only one blank line is intendedContinue reading “J Alfred in the foyer”


Speak!You know what you want to say.You know what needs to be said.You know what has been buildingin your heart and must come outSo speak. Speak!You don’t know what you want to say,You don’t know what needs to be said,You just know it’s been buildingin your heart and must come outSo speak. Speak!It needs toContinue reading “Speak”

the right note

I love when the words come out to play.I love when words sing —I love when I can hear the melodywhere there is no melody, justwords bouncing off each otherand a rhythm and a beatand an idea being expressedin the phrases. When you find the right noteit’s in tune — it’s a songthe words playContinue reading “the right note”

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