Two anniversaries and a milestone

One of Facebook’s nicer features is Memories, which reminds you of things you posted on this day in the past. On Monday, April 24, it reminded me that I published The Adventures of Myke Phoenix on April 24, 2008. I hadn’t remembered the date. Around 1988-1990 I came up with the idea for Myke, kindContinue reading “Two anniversaries and a milestone”

It’s not what you think

Last July I changed the banner on this website to feature the artwork from my novel in progress, Jeep Thompson and the Lost Prince of Venus, with a solemn-ish pledge: The purpose of this temporary banner is to remind me, every time I service the blog (in other words, every day), that I need toContinue reading “It’s not what you think”

W.B. stages a book sale

The second edition of Echoes of Freedom Past, my book about reclaiming our liberty after the assaults of the last few years, goes live Tuesday, and to mark the occasion I’m having a little sale on my “trilogy” of books about the subject. Echoes is a collection drawn from this blog on the subject ofContinue reading “W.B. stages a book sale”

I discover I wrote a trilogy

I’ve been doing some reworking of Echoes of Freedom Past, my 2022 book that I must admit has underperformed compared to my expectations. I moved the short story “Letters from Camp” to the back to make it more of an appendix or bonus track, if you will. Plopped in the middle where it was, itContinue reading “I discover I wrote a trilogy”

W.B.’s sales report 2022

I looked through my sales reports for 2022 the other day, and I found good news and bad news. Because human nature, let’s look at the bad news first: Five of my 22 books did not sell a single copy last year, including Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry, which was my top seller in 2021,Continue reading “W.B.’s sales report 2022”

W.B.’s Book Report: Air Monster

W.B.’s Book Report: Air Monster My next book publication has been, um, flying under the radar, and now it’s on sale starting today. Air Monster by Edwin Green entered my life seven or eight years ago when I found a beat-up copy of this 1932 “boy’s novel” at an antique shop. How does a guyContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Air Monster”

W.B.’s Book Report: it’s going to be all right

There are people out there making a good living (a better living than I am, too) advising independent writer-publishers how to make the biggest splash when your book launches. I tend to ignore their advice, which may be one reason they make a better living at it than I. Part of the reason for thatContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: it’s going to be all right”

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