The Roger Mifflin Collection: The Story of My Heart

(The Story of My Heart by Richard Jefferies is scheduled to be published today, but as of the weekend we were having unexpected production delays. But it should be available any minute now, and so I leave this launch blurb in place.) I don’t really know what to make of this book. In the earlyContinue reading “The Roger Mifflin Collection: The Story of My Heart”

A whiff of strong air

The next Roger Mifflin Collection book is The Story of My Heart, which author Richard Jefferies subtitled “An Autobiography,” even though precious few details of his life actually appear between its covers. It’s more of a love song to nature and bright sunny days walking through meadows. It’s more of a philosophical treatise as heContinue reading “A whiff of strong air”

Reintroducing The Demi-Gods

The fifth volume in The Roger Mifflin Collection is available today: The Demi-Gods, a 1914 masterpiece by James Stephens. “If you need ‘all manner of Irish,’ and a relapse into irresponsible freakishness, try ‘The Demi-Gods,’ by James Stephens,” said Mifflin, the proprietor of Christopher Morley’s Haunted Bookshop. “It is a better book than one deservesContinue reading “Reintroducing The Demi-Gods”

A warehouse of explosives

I can’t pick up The Haunted Bookshop without being tickled and intrigued by Roger Mifflin aka Christopher Morley’s love of the written word. Consider this little bit of the bookshop owner’s soliloquy during his first meal with Aubrey Gilbert, the book’s protagonist: “I should have thought,” said Gilbert, “that life in a bookshop would beContinue reading “A warehouse of explosives”

The Roger Mifflin Collection grows

I first heard of Roger Mifflin and The Haunted Bookshop in a blog post that quoted extensively from Mifflin’s passionate anti-war speech as he talked with his new intern about the power of books. World War I — then known simply as The Great War — was coming to a conclusion when Christopher Morley wroteContinue reading “The Roger Mifflin Collection grows”

The power of inertia (Journal’s End)

I have arrived at the closing pages of another journal — the words you are now reading were first set down on Page 238 of a 240-page book. It is March 25, and I filled in Page 1 on the morning of Oct. 15, so this particular journal (my 17th, if you’re counting) covers fiveContinue reading “The power of inertia (Journal’s End)”