I choose a book and explain the why

I have made the choice I promised to make 11 days ago. The book I will complete and send to the publisher this month is called It’s Going to Be All Right, and I plan to ship it to the printer by midweek. By this time next week, it ought to be available for pre-orderContinue reading “I choose a book and explain the why”

A girl named Guinevere

Guinevere Prudence Thompson hated her name. Hated it. Never mind that she was named after an Arthurian queen and a Beatles song.  “Call me G.P.,” she insisted. “Jeep?” asked her incredulous mother the first time. “No! G.P.” “OK, Jeep,” Mom grinned. She told her friends just to call her G.P., too, but it wasn’t longContinue reading “A girl named Guinevere”

in loco parentis

My “Aha!” moment regarding libertarianism came in 1992, when I had a chance to interview Andre Marrou, that year’s Libertarian Party candidate for president, when he visited St. Norbert College in De Pere outside Green Bay. Oh, I was already well down that road. I was enamored of Republicans like Lee Sherman Dreyfus, governor ofContinue reading “in loco parentis”

Echoes flies from the nest

Today is the day that my 11th book goes live. Echoes of Freedom Past: Reopening, Reclaiming and Restoring Liberty is a collection of my essays, blog posts and a short story about the subjects of freedom and tyranny, most of them from the past couple of years but also the 2008 chestnut “An election partyContinue reading “Echoes flies from the nest”

Now out there for pre-order

Now available for pre-order, my collection of thoughts on what ails “us,” where “us” is the folks who think they know better how our lives should be run. Echoes of Freedom Past: Reopening, Reclaiming and Restoring Liberty will start mounting the print-on-demand presses on June 21. Thoughts on the Bill of Rights, how they’ve beenContinue reading “Now out there for pre-order”

Read any good books lately?

It’s about three years or so now since I first heard about Christopher Morley’s book The Haunted Bookshop. It’s a pleasant enough little thriller for 1919, but its main charm is the character Roger Mifflin, who owns the bookstore and is an evangelist for good, thoughtful books.  I heard about the book from a blogContinue reading “Read any good books lately?”

The Roger Mifflin Collection: The Story of My Heart

(The Story of My Heart by Richard Jefferies is scheduled to be published today, but as of the weekend we were having unexpected production delays. But it should be available any minute now, and so I leave this launch blurb in place.) I don’t really know what to make of this book. In the earlyContinue reading “The Roger Mifflin Collection: The Story of My Heart”

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