Jeep is here

As you might have guessed by the last five days, it’s time to start telling the story of Jeep Thompson and the Lost Prince of Venus. I am giving away the first third of the novel, Episode 1: Journey to the Second Planet, to people who have subscribed to my author’s newsletter, the Astor CityContinue reading “Jeep is here”

Chapter 5 – The Traveler

Jeep and Blaine took the dusty old tarp off, which was more of a task than it sounds. The tarp was tied in the corners — more like lashed — and they needed to find a pair of scissors, then a sharp knife, before they could cut through the ropes that held the plastic coveringContinue reading “Chapter 5 – The Traveler”

Chapter 4 – The mysterious colleague

Jeep’s eyes widened, and even Blaine looked a little taken aback, and Jeep leaned forward and said in a loud whisper, “Oh my gosh, did you help build The Traveler?!” Now it was the older woman’s turn to widen her eyes, but she quickly narrowed them back to normal, looked both ways and over herContinue reading “Chapter 4 – The mysterious colleague”

Chapter 3 – In mourning

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] The funeral home smelled a little too sweet to be a house of death. And it was quiet — almost too quiet, like some stupid old movie full of ridiculous cliches.  And it made absolutely no sense to be sitting in an uncomfortable chair as people milled around and chuckled atContinue reading “Chapter 3 – In mourning”

Chapter 2 – Mom has a secret

[Here’s Chapter 1] Jeep never got used to the hospital bed in the living room, against the wall where the Christmas tree stood every December. Mom, who always had been full of life and energy,  had aged daily, it sometimes seemed, until now she looked like a shriveled little imitation of herself lying there, hookedContinue reading “Chapter 2 – Mom has a secret”

Chapter 1 – Once upon a time

Once upon a time in a land not unlike our own, there lived a young woman who wanted to see the stars. “I gotta tell you, it’s pretty darn boring around here sometimes,” the young woman would say, even though her best friend, Blaine, was a vampire, which would make anyone else’s life interesting. BlaineContinue reading “Chapter 1 – Once upon a time”

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