W.B. At the Movies: Wakanda Forever

I wasn’t that familiar with the background of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, so when I set aside some time this weekend to watch the Blu-Ray, I didn’t realize I was committing 2 hours and 40 minutes of my life to a story that would have made a nice two-hour movie. Letitia Wright’s Shuri character wasContinue reading “W.B. At the Movies: Wakanda Forever”

W.B. at the Movies: The Batman

I really wanted to like The Batman with Robert Pattinson, and it probably would make a compelling two-hour movie. The problem is it’s three hours long. I actually ended up watching the last third or so fast-forwarding at 2x, at which speed the captions are still visible on our Blu-Ray player.  Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz andContinue reading “W.B. at the Movies: The Batman”

Superheroes to the rescue

It started with Greatman, who had a kind of purple costume and Spider-Man eyes on his mask. He could fly and he was super-strong, and he was the flagship hero of a line that also included the Fabulous Five, Brink the Atomic Man, Moss Boy (who later evolved into Moss Man), and some other superheroesContinue reading “Superheroes to the rescue”

What a fantastic ride that was

Almost every month on the fourth day, I find myself drawing a circle around the 4 as I start my journal entry. It’s an homage of sorts to the lasting impact that the adventures of Reed Richards, Susan Storm Richards, Johnny Storm and Benjamin J. Grimm have had on my psyche.  The Fantastic Four wereContinue reading “What a fantastic ride that was”

The archive

I know for certain now how long a half-century is, for I have lived more than that and remember. I know how long 30 seconds are — long enough to tell you what I have to sell, long enough to trash a reputation.  I could do the figures and find out how many 30-second intervalsContinue reading “The archive”

Ditko still lives

(Facebook Memories reminded me about this post from July 10, 2018. The thoughts still apply.) So. Steve Ditko. I am privileged to have lived in those days before it got all big and corporate, when Marvel Comics was a secret shared by a relative handful of kids who had discovered there was more to comicContinue reading “Ditko still lives”

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