W.B. at the Movies: Spider-Man No Way Home

The forced closure of theaters two years ago changed the way we watch movies. The last film we saw on the traditional big screen was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December 2019. The government’s decision to shutter the movie theaters led me to the conclusion that for the price of two tickets andContinue reading “W.B. at the Movies: Spider-Man No Way Home”

W.B.’s Book Report: Secret Identity

Before Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ray Bradbury stole my heart, my passion for reading was fueled by comic books. It was a casual thing until the day in July 1963 that I stumbled across The Amazing Spider-Man #4 and for 12 cents my life was changed forever. For the next decade or so, I followed MarvelContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Secret Identity”

An epoch in comic book history

Every time I see this image, I remember the awe I felt gazing at the cover of Fantastic Four #39 at age 12, only partly because it was finding old friends after too long a wait. We had moved to a town with no comic books, and it had been 15 months between the storyContinue reading “An epoch in comic book history”

On writing every day

I got a new “Like” on Sunday night for “It’s a secret project. OOoooooooHhhhhh,” a post I posted Nov. 10 when I had an idea for a way to start a habit of writing fiction every day. I didn’t say what it was, but I concluded, “But most likely you’ll see something on Jan. 1Continue reading “On writing every day”

The joy of Godzilla

A ranking of the Godzilla movies made me curious about how many of the big guy’s films I actually own. It turns out I have 17 of the 33 flicks on DVD or Blu-Ray here, not far from the shores of Green Bay. I’m in the process of making it 19, because as soon asContinue reading “The joy of Godzilla”

In which I beat the odds

I had a great time Saturday night at OtherWorld Books and More in Sturgeon Bay, the first gig in my not-exactly-a-book-tour since publishing Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry earlier this summer. A rainstorm canceled the sidewalk sale at the last minute, but the folks at Park Place mini-mall had fun bringing the event indoors. MargaretContinue reading “In which I beat the odds”

Reintroducing myself

(I found this Jan. 3, 2020, entry at the beginning of a journal. I’ll have to think what I would add after the ensuing 18 months.) Hi Warren. Remember me? It’s me — Warren. My favorite books — Nineteen Eighty-Four. Pretty much anything by Ray Bradbury but Dandelion Wine most of all. The Scarlet Letter,Continue reading “Reintroducing myself”

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