The lesson of the splattered tater

I killed the potato. Killed it good. That potato was obliterated. In preparing for a concealed-carry class, we figured we should have a physical sense of how to handle a handgun, not just head knowledge, and a friend agreed to teach Red and me the basics before we took the class. As part of thatContinue reading “The lesson of the splattered tater”

In praise of guilty pleasures

“Guilty pleasures” are usually defined as something not-literature or otherwise not-classy that you enjoy anyway, and it feels a little like playing hooky when you read or watch or listen to it. Where does the guilt come from? My guilty pleasure was comic books, best of all Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, the early daysContinue reading “In praise of guilty pleasures”

The world’s greatest comic magazine

Marvel Comics traces its history to just before World War II, but its modern era, the one that spawned almost all of the heroes in its popular series of superhero movies, began in late 1961 with the release of the Fantastic Four. They apparently realized they had started something special, because on the cover ofContinue reading “The world’s greatest comic magazine”

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