That which governs the dance

My stream of consciousness, as it were, was dammed by the other side of the brain: “What are you writing?” “What are you trying to say?” “What does it mean?” “What madness will people think overcame you?” All these questions until the madness was crowded out. The Self-Editor or the Self-Censor, call it what IContinue reading “That which governs the dance”

The art of wind harnessing

Live intentionally. How do you fulfill your mission? On purpose. So stay on purpose. Is it time for a change? Too late; while you were asking the question, everything changed. Ride the wind, they say. But what is the wind? An ever-shifting maelstrom of interactions, some intentional, mostly random, some proactive, mostly reactive. The intentionalContinue reading “The art of wind harnessing”

You got to have a dream

People get so angry and sad. Shouldn’t the world be a happy place? Life is too short to waste on anger and sadness and resentment. We rage against the machine and rail against injustice — or we try to leave the machine and the injustice alone to flourish without us, so that the hate andContinue reading “You got to have a dream”